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Fall Packing Tips

by Nov 13, 2019

Autumn is a great time of year if you enjoy cooler weather and rainier days. But, said days are also not so great for packages, moving material, or anything that’s not supposed to get wet. Whether you’re looking to move into a new living space or just need to store some inventory, Mobile Attic’s got you covered. We’ve got a few suggestions and ways you can keep your storage dry and clear of problems for Autumn.

1 – Plastic Containers

Plastic is a resilient material. See: it’s almost impossible to destroy, and it makes for a convenient packing option too. That is to say, instead of boxes made of cardboard, consider putting some of your inventory away in tubs, containers, bags, or whatever else you have. They make for a great organizer and will resist the cold or any moisture (provided they’re stored in a dry space).

2 – Avoid Drafts

It goes without saying, don’t store sensitive material near drafty areas where cold wind can intrude. This goes beyond packing material, even. If you have, say, sensitive equipment (like your smartphone), avoid putting it next to the window or where cold can intrude. Cold can damage anything that’s sensitive to temperature changes (especially at night).

3 – Get Your Lawn Equipment Covered

If you’ve got a garage or similar, it’s important to get any tools, equipment, tractors, and machines inside or under a protective surface. Fall is generally filled with cold, wet days, and that can wreak havoc on your tools over time. Not to mention, leafy debris can get clogged in engine fixtures or similar and create messy problems.

Failing that, consider covering larger equipment (like lawnmowers) with inexpensive weather resistant covering.

4 – Designate Storage

To keep things free of clutter, specify areas of your home where you want things stored. If you’re planning to decorate, especially in the future, consider keeping storage options organized, free of clutter, and not at the bottom of a box of families. And again, for sensitive material, whatever it is, keep certain things free from drafty, wet, colder areas of your living space.

The more organized you are, the easier it is to consolidate space for the autumn season.

5 – Consider Mobile Storage

For larger needs, such as with store inventory, business inventory, or moving, you can also consider mobile storage via mobile pods. 

Mobile Attic provides pods in multiple sizes that can arrive at your location of choice (within service area) for easy storage. This includes anything from company inventory to personal belongings, all protected by stainless steel pods. A good solution for either moving or if you need a more flexible storage option.

With these quick tips you can hopefully improve your storing methods for fall as the temperature drops. For more information, you can reach us at Mobile Attic.