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Follow These Steps to For Safe Cleaning Supply Storage

by May 28, 2020

Recently, Mobile Attic talked about the various ways our storage pods made for convenient alternatives to traditional storage. But cleaning supplies present challenges because of their chemical nature. Depending on the inventory, chemicals, and use, improper storage of cleaning agents can present serious health risk. That’s because chemicals can cause burns, create toxic vapors, and otherwise damage people or property.

To make sure you’re safe and worry free, we have some essential steps to follow when stowing away cleaning chemicals, whether that’s in a pod or otherwise.

Organize before storage

It’s important to separate and organize cleaning agents and supplies in separate bins, trays, or boxes. This reduces clutter, helps you find what you’re looking for faster, and reduces changes chemicals might mix together. 

Check cleaning containers

For chemicals, check their containers for scraps, cuts, dents, holes, and even leaks at the caps. Any kind of leakage could potentially create toxic vapor. When vapor mixes with other chemical additives, it’s seriously harmful to the lungs.

Keep products ventilated

This is best done for harsher cleaning agents. Separate cleaning chemicals and keep them in ventilated areas in case of leaks, or in areas with a fan where the fumes can be dissipated easily.

Hang up cleaners

Use wall hooks or otherwise to hang up cleaners like brush utensils for easy access. 

Dispose of old mops

Mops are useful for cleaning but after excessive use become dirty, especially if they’re not routinely cleaned. Therefore, you don’t want to use old mops which dirty things up instead of cleaning them. Dispose of older, cheaper mops.

Don’t store disposables

For pods, avoid storing disposable cleaning items like wipes. That’s because you don’t want to create excess debris, and given the convenience of disposables, you’ll want them in easy access areas.

Keep cleaning material away from food items

Though it’s obvious, it still bears worth repeating. Always keep cleaning items away from food material, even non-perishables. Residue from soaps, chemical cleaners, and even wipes can remain on food and cause health problems if accidentally digested.

Lock up extremely hazardous chemicals

If you’re storing very hazardous chemicals, store them in a locked container. Mobile pods, for example, can be locked. Even common cleaners like bleach are dangerous, especially in excess, so keep these away to prevent theft and damage.

Have emergency numbers ready

While it’s not directly related to storage, for personal safety, have an accessible list of emergency contacts in case of a leak or exposure to cleaning agents. This can either be numbers like the poison control center or other emergency contacts (outside of 911). Have them ready in your smartphone or listed for others.

Prep a cleaning station

In the event one’s skin is exposed to harsh chemicals, prepare a station for cleaning. In a home, this can be the sink, but for business locations, you may want to designate an area for emergencies.

Now you can spend more time organizing cleaning supplies and less worrying about how to store them. To find out how a mobile pod can further help you, contact us at Mobile Attic.