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Freshen up your home with spring cleaning and mobile pods

by Mar 29, 2022

Freshen up your home with spring cleaning and mobile pods


Spring cleaning might sound like a boring chore, but it can be a great time to declutter and organize. Yes, there’s some labor involved, but the key is to approach it an organized fashion. What helps with this, you ask? Mobile storage pods, of course! We’ll give you some great tips on making your spring cleaning season an easy one!

But why bother going through all the trouble, anyway?

It’s good for your health

Indeed, decluttering isn’t just for show. It’s actually great for your mental health, too! Organized and clean environments have been linked to increased happiness and even reducing symptoms of depression. And, obviously, it feels great having a clean space, knowing that you made it happen.

Additionally, reduced clutter means less debris, mold, dust, and other things that make you feel unwell. On top of that, you’re reducing places for pests to hide in. You’ll really shine after all is said and done.

Spring cleaning is about patience

The myth of spring cleaning is that it all needs to be done in a day. But even the coziest of living spaces can be big ordeals, because that’s just the nature of cleaning. It’s also a matter of motivation and time. You probably don’t have every hour of the day to spruce up your home in a single go, never mind the energy needed.

Spring cleaning, then, is best handled in bits and pieces. Look at your space, your rooms, and view them in sections. Every day, or whenever you have the time, declutter a spot. It could simply be your work desk, or vacuuming, or tossing out some trash. As long as a little is done, that’s cleaning. Over time, that builds up!

Before you know it, your whole living space is fresh and clean, and it only took some patience and time.

Taking advantage of mobile pods

But don’t forget, you have an advantage! Mobile pods can add a surprising new dimension to your spring cleaning as organizers. Think of a mobile pod like an external garage that comes to you (or where ever you need it).

So, for instance, if you’re spring cleaning but need the space to do so, a mobile pod is a perfect containment unit. Maybe you’re cleaning an area with furniture that needs moving. While you do that, you can put said furniture in the mobile storage unit, without worry of loss or damage.

The other benefit of mobile pods is in the name: mobility. Expert times transport pods to their destination, as long as it’s within a service area. That saves you time, money, and gas. You might need storage, for instance, to put away garbage and debris (versus inside your own home). If nothing else, it’s better to have the space ready to go, rather than need it in a pinch.

So when you perform your spring cleaning for the new year, consider mobile pods too! You can learn more by contacting Mobile Attic today.