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Gaining Comfort When You’re New in Town

by Jun 30, 2017

You are the weary traveler, blowing into town from some unknown place, looking for that one special abode to rest your head. The stresses of the move are behind you, but the struggles of being new in town are only just beginning. You are not just moving away from your home, but your school district, social circle, and that awesome Chinese restaurant that made the fried rice just how you like it. On the fortunate side, you don’t have to look for a self storage facility with Mobile Attic at your back (the local storage looks like it hasn’t seen a tenant in thirty years, so good call). With all this confusion and heartache, you start to wonder, “did I make the right move? Will I find my way around like I did at my old place? Will I be able to find that perfect Chinese restaurant or bowl a 250 at this particular alley?” All excellent questions that we will address in some form. Change is a part of existence; if you think about it, change is really all that exists really. Do yourself and your anxiety a favor and embrace it! I have compiled a guide equipped with simple reminders and tips to embrace this sudden change that will convert you from ‘new in town’ to ‘best pal around!’

To the Town Hall! Unless you want your garbage piling up over the next two weeks, it is probably best to visit the town hall so you know what’s up as far as municipal routines. The bulletin will also be a great place to find local activities, like a tandem jogging exhibition (though I’m not sure exactly how that would work). Getting a feel for how the town operates will bring you peace of mind, and it certainly wouldn’t hurt to do some research into local laws and upcoming bills that may influence your life. Involving yourself in the town government is a great way to flex and work-out those democratic muscles and George Washington would be proud of you. If your town has a visitor’s center, you may be slightly deterred from entering because you already feel like a half resident. There will be interesting booklets or brochures, as well as interesting people, that will make the trip worthwhile. You may even get a change to ask what on earth is going on with the four-unit local storage facility.

To the bike! If you are the sporty time, chances are you have a bike. If not, get one. If you are moving to a town that is relatively condensed, it would be extremely beneficial if you biked or walked to places for at least a little while. You may look a little out of place, but the activity gives you a better, more thorough perspective on the town and can give you a better understanding of locations (not to mention it will be glorious for your heart). When you drive, your brain tends to go into autopilot mode (this happens with pretty much any repeated task). You’ve had the sensation before when you arrive at place without remembering the drive there. In this way, coupled with a reliance on GPS, you can go months or years without knowing what’s in your backyard! Along the way, you may meet some interesting people and, on a day where you have plenty of time, you can walk to the local library and get that card you’ll probably use once.

To the neighborhood! Meeting people can be one of the most challenging aspects of being new in town. How do you know that the guy across the street isn’t storing an elaborate relic to the elder gods of HP Lovecraft in his house (or at worse, at the local storage site)? You can host a big welcome party and invite the neighborhood with the promise of barbecue. Everyone loves barbecue. Oddly enough, if you want people to like you, ask them to do favors for you. Sounds counterintuitive, right? The way it works is that when you ask someone to do a favor for you, it messes with their cognitive perception of you, and makes you seem likeable because they certainly wouldn’t do favors for people they disliked or were indifferent to! You can also meet new people by signing up for meet ups on the internet. You can search a database of local happenings and find something that fits your taste. This will get you around people with similar interests.

Remember to get a new doctor and patron all the interesting restaurants and shops. Fortunately, we have your back with a local storage solution. Your life is always changing, but Mobile Attic is always strong and resilient.