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Garage Renovation Revolution

by Jan 17, 2018

It’s safe to say that most people use their garage as a spillover room; a place that accumulates all your extra furniture, random home repair stuff, and the gym equipment you bought with a Christmas themed Amazon gift card. Instead of the port, or entryway, to your home, the garage becomes this extra space that you keep locked away from all but the closest of your guests. The garage doesn’t have to be the containment area for your mountain of consumerism; at Mobile Attic, we have the perfect solution to your storage needs. What are you to do with the soon-to-be vacant space? Store a car in it? We have the ideas, so you can start romanticizing your garage again!

The problem doesn’t exist in the utility of the garage: no matter how you box it, you’ll be storing something inside (I suppose that’s how rooms work in general, but stay with me here). The plan is to move away from thinking about the garage as a spillover storage area, and think of it like an idea storage area… storing ideas like…

The Workout Room

The go-to classic when it comes to garage renovations. The cold weather means it can be uncomfortable to exercise outside. Fortunately, you have all that untapped, spatial potential in your garage (and you can feel like you didn’t waste that gift card!). Hang a punching bag from the ceiling and go to town; put a bench in the corner; hang some motivational pictures on the wall that reference animals. To complete the gym look, consider covering the room with a rubber flooring or with an epoxy coat. The extra touch there will make the room look less like an equipment storage shed and more like a respectable home gym. Just make sure the paint is a dark color, so it hides the blood, sweat, and tears.

The Lounge

If you aren’t the type for physical exertion, you can remodel your garage so you can do the exact opposite. You can model it after a traditional living space, but the advantage of the garage is immediate access to open air! Consider systems that convert your garage door into a screen so that you can enjoy the cool nights without worrying about bugs. Remove the grease stains by spraying them with oven cleaner, then scrub the rinse away. This will keep the stains from showing if you decide to put down a lighter color epoxy. Carpeting may be another option, but that doesn’t seem to be in style right now.

The environment you want to generate is one where you feel like your both on your porch, but also in your living room. You could go out completely and turn it into an entertainment room equipped with a television and game system, so you can get fresh air as you indulge your chillaxing side.

The Jam Room

Elevating the concept of a garage band a bit, there are a few things you can do to turn the ‘spillover room’ into a full-on music venue/recording studio. Install some soundproof pads in strategic positions around the room to cancel out the sound. The room will create an interesting sound acoustically, but that doesn’t mean the rest of the house has to suffer through your 80s-inspired disco-rock ballad. The teenager in the family may find the environment to be a great place to cultivate a new hobby. If you aren’t interested in making music, cover the walls with your vinyl collection and use it as a space when you need to get away. You’re only limited by your imagination.

Whatever the plan for your renovated garage, Mobile Attic wants to provide you with the most convenient storage solution. Give us a call!