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Get Ready for Hurricanes and Tropical Storms with Mobile Pods

by Jun 22, 2021

Get Ready for Hurricanes and Tropical Storms with Mobile Pods


Storm surges are common around the coast. If you live in proximity to the ocean, we don’t have to tell you the danger tropical storms bring, especially hurricanes. Staying safe is a top priority, of course, but protecting personal property is imperative too. Without some form of prep or protection, serious damage can occur belongings, living spaces, and businesses. 

Some prep for hurricanes and seasonal storms by boarding windows and packing things in waterproof material. But did you know you can also utilize mobile storage pods to protect your belongings? When storms come around, you’ll want every protective advantage possible. So, here’s how a mobile pod can help!

Storage pods and units for big seasonal storms

Since protection is the name of the game, we’ll emphasize that first. Mobile pods, especially those offered by Mobile Attic, are not only ergonomic but built with protective material too. Stainless, weather resilient steel encases items in a transportable shell. That means no storm surge can damage it with water. As long as the pod is an elevated area away from flood zones, you can rest easy. A steel pod won’t be knocked over by wind and can resist dangerous tropical storm conditions, like heavy wind and downpours.

So, think of it like a massive exterior closet that can come to you. Even better, it can moved to a safer location. And, as you know, during hurricane season location is half the battle. Coastal flood zones or areas where flooding is possible present the most danger to people and property. Therefore, once you have the mobile pod loaded up, staff can take it to a safer location of choice.

And, by the way, those are massive time savers. Considering time is absolutely essential – from the point of hurricane predictions to the storm’s arrival – you need every second you can spare to prepare for it. The less time you have to worry about travel and packing, the better. With a mobile pod, you don’t have to rush items to a safe location, letting you prepare, take care of inventory, family, loved ones, and pets.

You can also rely on mobile pods for spacious interiors, too. Depending on what you need to stow away, space management will be important. But mobile pods typically offer a variety of options, suited for the basic home owner to large business. You can put everything from large equipment to multiple sealed containers in a single pod, helping you organize and prepare better. Also, you can have multiple storage pods instead of a single option, providing a range of flexibility.

So, when storm season nears, don’t panic. You’ve got advantages at your disposal, and they come in the form of mobile pods, fit for protecting personal property from even the strongest  hurricanes and tropical storms.

If you’d like to learn more about mobile pod services, contact us at Mobile Attic for more information.