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Health tips and storage solutions for COVID-19

by Aug 18, 2020

Mobile Attic is committed to helping you during these trying and uncertain times. Therefore, we recommend mobile storage solutions for your moving needs and for assistance during the current wave of Coronavirus. We’ve assembled some tips in this article for your consideration, primarily for staying safe and healthy if using mobile transport solutions.

Keep stock and wear essential protective items

Since you’re moving back and forth from a storage location to another, keeping protective gear on is the easiest way to protect yourselves and others. Masks and gloves are recommended, as you’ll be touching different surfaces. Anything that transmits to you can weaken the immune system, and as such, make you more susceptible to getting COVID-19.

Plan times with low activity

Even with protective items on, reducing exposure to others helps mitigate risk to yourself. Whatever you’re using mobile storage for, select times to move items in periods with low traffic (if applicable). It will vary based on where the mobile pod is stored and where it’s going, but, if you can avoid a crowd, it’s best to take the lowest risk possible. 

Store items you don’t immediately need

For convenience and long-term storage, it’s best to stock things you won’t need immediately. The idea is to reduce personal risk and risk to others. Having to retrieve inventory from a storage pod on a frequent basis can increase exposure and risk to others. Therefore, take time to declutter, whether for home or business.

Store items that won’t decay or sustain damage over long periods

Not all things are made the same, and not all inventory is designed for long-term storage inside a pod. Therefore, what you store should be durable. For instance, if it’s food, it should be non-perishable, meaning it doesn’t go bad. Equipment, tools, personal items, etc, all should handle storage conditions without sustaining damage or wear down. 

You don’t want to open up storage and have an unwelcome surprise!

Keep storage within emergency distance

Though you should plan for long-term storage, in case there’s emergency, make sure you can access the items in a timely fashion. This is the advantage of mobile pods, after all. 

Instead of travelling to a distant facility you can get to your inventory faster. But, that’s only if it’s within a practical distance. Therefore, if possible, plan to keep your items close by in case you need them or have to travel.

Discuss long-term options

Talk with your mobile storage provider about your plans with the units. Likely, you may get deals or bonuses based on the pandemic, and in rare cases forgiveness if money becomes an issue. Considering how widespread COVID-19 is, many businesses are doing what they can to work with clients.

Mobile Attic hopes you stay safe. Remember to follow all health guidelines and wear protective masks and gloves.

If you’d like additional information on storage pods, you can contact Mobile Attic today.