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Helpful Tips and General Advice for Your Next Move

by Oct 17, 2023

Helpful Tips and General Advice for Your Next Move


Mobile Attic is happy to provide a range of services with our versatile mobile pods. But among those services includes helpful advice for transitioning to your new homestead. Moving is a hectic, stressful process, and that’s why taking advantage of every resource is invaluable for the long haul. Thus, Mobile Attic will provide some advantageous advice, and as a bonus, information on our mobile pod services, perfect for moving. 

Biggest challenges facing a move

When you’ve found a new place and settled in on a move-in date, the challenges associated with this transition become readily apparent. Time, money, and organization are the big three obstacles stumbling most seamless move projects. Most have numerous responsibilities with personal life and work, so time is not in generous supply. Money, too, is a big one. Not just covering the various housing costs, but accounting for unexpected expenses without rocketing over budget. 

The best way to overcome these nagging challenges is by planning. Instead of trying to handle everything in one go, you need to account for the listed factors and make things work for your schedule.

Planning Tips

The big one involves the physical act of moving and packing. It’s not a step you want to try and get done in one go. Not only is that an exhausting prospect, you’re likelier to forget and damage property if you rush a move in a single weekend.

Pack in Steps

No, you need all the time available. So, instead, handle your packing in partitions. Set aside packing material – from boxes to plastic containers – and pack in sequences. We highly recommend giving yourself at least two months before the move day to have everything stored safely. That’s especially if you have multiple rooms to get into packing boxes.

Even if you’re moving from a smaller home or apartment, the amount of inventory you’ll have can surprise you. You might think you have enough space, only to run out at the last second. 

Planning your packing ahead of time involves taking each room in sections. Set aside at least an hour for a space at an available timeframe. Organize everything into appropriate boxes and mark them as necessary. Keep fragile things away from heavy objects. If it helps, you can also color code packing boxes with different colored tape.

The point is, this isn’t a short-term process, and to reduce stress and physical burnout, it’s very important to handle it in sections.

Mobile Pods can help!

Here’s a nice bonus. If you want to make the moving and packing process even easier, a storage pod is perfect for you. You can store all your packing and boxes in a mobile container which, when ready, can be transported to your new destination by professional crews. 

Know Your Time

Time is another big one. With the personal responsibilities we mentioned, it’s very challenging to find enough hours to pack and physically move. More so, even the energy to perform said tasks. But, moving is demanding, and the tough part is sectioning out the hours needed for essential tasks. However, it’s not impossible. 

Again, we emphasize getting things together months before you move day, because it’s possible you may only have a few hours here or there to spare. Or, even less! In those cases, take at least 10 to 15 minutes to store things in boxes and containers. Gradually, you’ll cut through a lot of the basic work and give yourself ample space to address bigger tasks. 

Using time effectively and efficiently is everything. We recommend gathering clutter and small objects first, since these will be the hardest things to find and pack before the move.

Prep the Budget

Now comes the “fun” part: figuring out expenses and costs. Unfortunately, there’s no exact way to predict everything. However, you should establish a moving budget just in case any last minute costs come up.

Estimate what you think you’ll need to spend. This might include packing materials and supplies. You’ll likely need to take care of rent, deposit, and utility expenses too before the move day. Think about small costs too – additional storage supplies, food and drink, travel costs where relevant, and even extra cash for friends/family if they help out with the move!

Primarily, you want to account for what you know you’ll spend, and then keep a bit of extra on the side.

Save costs with Mobile Attic!

You might notice we left out costs associated with travel or gas, and that’s because mobile storage pods directly address this. If you’re looking to cut down on expenses associated with moving, mobile units are a strong option. For example, you don’t need to purchase expensive rental trucks. A rental until requires the initial fee, plus a charge per mile of use, and the gas requirements to refill it. In other cases, some rental units demand large deposits up front.

Either way, it’s expensive. That also includes your own travel time, which demands high gas costs. But because a mobile storage pod arrives at your door, you circumvent the need for rental equipment completely. Instead, you can load up the mobile storage unit and have it sent to your new place of residence. Professional crews take care of the rest, allowing you to focus on the transition itself. Even better, your inventory is secured within the pod, so if you’re not immediately at the new place, your stuff will be protected safely until you arrive.

Considering the numerous stressors associated with moving, you’ll want all the help you can get. Aside from our tips, using mobile storage pods is a great way to overcome the various obstacles associated with a move. Save on gas, money, time, and stress by taking advantage of mobile storage units.

If you want more information about mobile pod services, you can contact Mobile Attic today.