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Holiday storage woes? No problem!

by Dec 3, 2021

Holiday storage woes? No problem!


Autumn and winter are arguably some of the most decorated times of year in the United States. Just about anywhere you go, front lawns and businesses are spicing up their exteriors to fit the season. In fall, that includes general seasonal décor, Halloween, and Thanksgiving. But, Halloween especially! Creativity is abound with all the spooky goodness you’ll find, from lights to tombstones to fake webs.

But, even though it’s fun to do, it’s also like cooking: get everything together and prep your ingredients for a few hours, toss out the food, and enjoy. And then. . . ah yes, clean up. The same principle applies with Halloween (and autumn by proxy). If you’re dreading the organization of Halloween decorations, whether placing them up or putting them away when it’s time, don’t worry, we can help.

Solve those storage woes with a mobile pod

Why are mobile pods so ideal for decoration storage and organization? Space! Mobile space, in fact. Like you guessed from the name, mobile implies a unit comes to you. If you’ve never used a pod before, think of it like a secure garage that can come and go as needed.

Think of it this way also: to use the cooking metaphor again, what happens when you prepare dishes and dinners? Mess, of course. Ingredients on the table, plates set out, cooking utensils, the “debris” of cooking. Things and surfaces get cluttered after you finish. That’s similar logic to decorating. You get all the boxes out and your preferred ornaments, but as you set them up things get cluttered.

A mobile pod can essentially act as an all-inclusive storage unit where you keep things. That means less clutter and more time to organize. What if you’re a business? You probably don’t have the preferred legroom when transitioning both inventory and decoration, but a mobile pod grants you that advantage like it were an extra room entirely.

But what if there’s no space for the extra space? Well, remember, a mobile pod unit is there for you. Literally. A storage unit can be accessed from any location within its service area. Professional teams transport and deliver a until where it is requested. Afterwards, the pod can be loaded and transported elsewhere, or left as desired. Therefore, you can keep things decluttered and open while you decorate for the season (or put things away). As another small, but indirect benefit, it makes things safer too. Mobile units are lockable storage steel containers, and by reducing clutter, you keep items from becoming potential obstacles. 

Best part? This works for all the holidays too!

So, before you dread the holiday rush, just keep in mind a mobile pod provides advantages you didn’t have before. That doesn’t even get into the other positives, like reducing costs associated with travel and renting out stationary units.

Whether you’re a business or home or even apartment complex, a storage unit can completely change your approach to this year’s holiday season.

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