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How a Mobile Storage Pod Can Help Medical Facilities

by Apr 7, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has affected everyone, and one of the hardest hit places are medical and hospital facilities. It’s safe to say in United States, many healthcare practices are overwhelmed by several factors: a shortage of necessary supplies such as proper filter masks, overworked staff, and an influx of growing patients. 

There is no easy solution to this problem beyond hospitals getting the funding and supplies they need to handle sick patients. During this crisis, medical facilities may also deal with a lack of space, and this is where mobile storage pods can offer a unique solution.

Storage pods are like storage facilities, but with they key difference: they can be transported anywhere within a service area. Typically, they’re used for moving supplies for either commercial or individual use but can also help healthcare needs too. 


Time and supplies are major factors right now. The advantage of mobile pods is they can transport said supplies from designated locations, carrying necessities for a healthcare organization. The better part is these are transported by trained staff who can load/remove supplies on request for the practice. That means staff can focus on their critical work while the supply factor is handled by a team of professionals.


Mobile storage pods are built with steel and weather resistant, along with a secure design. In desperate times, theft and damage are entirely possible and worst-case outcomes. Therefore, a mobile pod can keep critical supplies in secure locations, or simply protect them before they’re offloaded to a medical practice.

Saving Time

Time is one of the most essential factors as of writing this article regarding the COVID-19 virus. Medical professionals are working around the clock to help patients, and therefore need every minute to effectively treat and reduce further outbreak.

It’s along way of saying mobile pods are a unique solution, given they can go from location to location as mentioned. When your supply chain of supplies is handled, this is a reduced stress factor, saving on time and money.


Given the saturation of critical patients and influx of staff and supplies, it’s easy for a medical facility to experience overcrowding and disorganization. Any of these elements adds seconds to the delay of treatment, which when dealing with a pandemic, is a second too many.

A storage pod offers a convenient way to manage the storage of supplies, equipment, or anything else required while working with patients. 

Mobile pods aren’t the solution to the Coronavirus outbreak, but they can be incredibly helpful in these extraordinary times. You can find mobile pods available for service with Mobile Attic. If you have any additional questions about the pods or our services, contact us today.