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How do they compare? Mobile and Stationary Storage Units

by Sep 22, 2020

We talk a lot about mobile storage containers for obvious reasons. It’s in our name, after all! But this often takes away from discussions about the traditional counterpart. Storage units or rental units are common and found just about everywhere, providing additional space for individuals, businesses, and families.

Why they’re needed varies, but ultimately comes down to needing more space. Also, the services, storage size, and location will vary by vendor. Typically, storage rentals charge a monthly fee and provide one unit per lease.

Key Differences

As the name implies, there are some major differences between regular storage units and mobile storage pods.

  • Stationary pods are accessed at only one location, where mobile pods can be accessed from any location as long as they’re within a service area
  • Individuals are responsible for the storage of their personal belongings, while mobile pods have professional teams to assist with the process
  • Mobile pods can be taken to service locations at the user’s request within a service area

Which is right for me?

Comparing these two solutions brings about the question which solution works best for you. Everyone has different needs and situations. Both have advantages, but don’t work for every person. For instance, if you can’t make use of a mobile pod’s service area, you might be missing out on one of its biggest advantages.

Stationary Storage

Stationary units work best for these conditions:

  • You can reach a location within a practical timeframe that’s easy to access at any time of the week, not accounting for hours/traffic
  • You only have need of a single space for your storage concerns and don’t plan to upgrade the size
  • You plan to use storage for personal belongings or additional clutter you can’t fit in a home
  • You’re transitioning to a new living location and need extra space for a short period

Mobile Storage

Mobile storage pods, in contrast, are good for these conditions:

  • You need multiple pods or want the option to use multiple pods
  • You want to move your storage in different locations at any convenience, cutting down on travel
  • You’re a business that’s reorganizing, moving, transitioning, or want more space for their inventory
  • You plan to use storage to unload at a different location, whether home, apartment, or business
  • You need storage options in different sizes and you’re within the service area
  • You want to save time instead of making trips to storage units

Mobile options provide more flexibility for businesses and people, while stationary storage units are an affordable alternative when trying to declutter (or there’s need for more space). Both have strengths, so knowing what suits you better is important.

If you’re interested in mobile pods, you can learn more about our services by contacting Mobile Attic today.