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How do you prepare for a hurricane with mobile storage pods?

by Sep 29, 2023

How do you prepare for a hurricane with mobile storage pods?

Preparing for a hurricane is incredibly important to mitigate potential damage to personal property and avoid physical harm. These powerful storms send catastrophic rain and wind to specific areas, warranting emergency action and evacuation from regions in the storm’s proximity. People must leave their homesteads and places of business until the storm has passed, which is why prep work is so important.

Mobile Attic is committed to providing a quality service and product. That’s why we’re not only offering mobile pod storage services for hurricane protection, but also want to provide some tips and advice for hurricane preparation.

Crucial steps to take for hurricane preparation

Before anything, remember this is standard advice and not a substitute for emergency declarations. Your personal safety is important, so always default to professional information when relevant. 

Knowledge is everything

The biggest advantage you have for hurricane and storm prep is information. When the hurricane is expected to arrive, impacted areas, and where you can go to avoid it are just a handful of things you’ll want to know.

Tip 1: Emergency Supplies

Having an emergency stockpile of supplies that can last you several days should be a priority. Spare clothes, toiletries, non-perishable food, water bottles/filters, emergency flashlights/radio, batteries, and charging devices are a handful of things to stow away in the event of a hurricane. Be sure to put these items in a waterproof container.

Tip 2: Important Documents and Contacts

If you expect to travel for an extended period, keep important documents with you. Medical info, passports (if applicable), and forms of identification are good to have. Keep a list of available emergency contacts with you as well. All family members should have a copy of these items.

Tip 3: Safety Items

Prescriptions, medicine, and emergency treatment items should be available. Make sure you have a fire extinguisher with you, if applicable.

Tip 4: Stay Updated

Knowing the status of a hurricane, where it’s going, and what it’s expected to hit will keep you away from dangerous areas. The National Hurricane center is a publicly available resource for tracking hurricanes, located here.

Other Prep Considerations

It’s important to prep for hazardous storms and hurricanes as early as possible. If you live in an area that routinely experiences these storm surges, you can expect them to occur. 

Aside from our other tips, do the following:

  • Fuel all relevant vehicles before travel
  • Make accommodations and preparations for pets
  • Aid family members with chronic conditions or physical disabilities
  • Have an emergency plan in case of unexpected occurrences

Preparing for hurricanes with a mobile storage pod

One of the key concerns about hurricanes is personal safety and property. Hurricanes can cause extreme damage to unprotected assets and buildings. Whether you’re a home or business owner,  you no doubt have concerns.

Not everyone has the time or resources to prepare adequately. Some lack the space to put away valuables. Hurricane prep is not just doing everything to cover emergency supplies and communication, it’s also safeguarding against storm damage. There are a number of things you can do, like boarding windows and waterproofing entry points. However, even with the best prep methods, sometimes damage is inevitable. The key is to use resources that keep your property in an external location. In this case, with a mobile pod.

What is a mobile pod?

Think of a storage pod like a garage on wheels. Professional crews arrive at your chosen location, and the storage pod is readily available for use. They’re made with weather resilient steel and used for numerous storage purposes. In the case of a storm scenario, they’re a perfect way to protect inventory and other valuables.

Using a mobile pod for hurricane storage

One of the key advantages of storage pods is in the name: mobility. You can have a mobile pod arrive at your location and then store items inside the pod. Afterward, it can be transported to a safer area. This is handy for businesses that have external storage locations away from the strongest part of the hurricane. Families and homes can also use this to store belongings they feel may be affected by hurricane weather like water damage and flooding.

Depending on the vendor, like Mobile Attic, users can even have the pods transported to safe, gated areas. This adds an extra layer of security while the vendor is responsible for monitoring the pods. Additionally, each pod is designed with weather resistant steel and weighs enough to avoid movement by harsh winds or similar conditions. 

That said, you should package and store any inventory in protective material for hurricane weather. All storms are different, and it is not possible to always predict their severity and impact zone. Depending on what you plan to store, put them in weather resistant containers with appropriate padding. Sensitive devices, such as electronics, should be stored in the safest place possible. You may want to consider bringing them with you if possible.

How you use the mobile pod is up to you. If you’re a small business that needs to protect assets and property, a mobile pod can shield your inventory from the hazards of a hurricane storm. If you’re a home owner and need extra protective storage, mobile storage units are available.

Final safety tips and considerations

When traveling, be aware of any downed power lines or areas with debris. Do not attempt to drive through stormy weather or during a hurricane – your best option is to find shelter. Listen to emergency broadcasts for updated news.

The best possible thing you can do is prepare, and with mobile storage pods, that’s easier than ever.

While the summer is an enjoyable season, unfortunately it does bring around intense weather. Follow our guide to get an emergency kit together and consider mobile pods for extra protection.

Contact Mobile Attic today for additional information.