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How Mobile Storage Helps With A Commercial Move

by Jul 7, 2020

We discuss the many ways mobile storage pods help out the community when making a move. But often, it’s for rent and home situations. This time, we want to dive into some of the ways mobile pods actually help businesses when transitioning to a new location. Or, when they’re opening a new location. Either way, there’s always an upside. 

For organization and storage

When transitioning, you’re managing a lot of factors such as inventory, available space, and time. You have to organize and stock, you need to do so with the given space, and you’re likely aiming to do it as efficiently as possible. Mobile storage pods can address each of these areas (and more). 

For starters, the obvious advantage of a mobile pod for business moving is space. Setting up at new locations requires organization in terms of layout. For a store, aisles and shelves must be appropriate layered (mainly for local vendors). If it’s an office environment or similar, you’ll likely spend time creating an ergonomic space.

During that process, loading/unloading items is necessary. But, without external space, organizing that process can prove difficult. A mobile storage pod allows you to keep all necessary inventory and furniture in a safe container as you move it. It makes setting up inventory much easier and faster. In other words, rather than organizing with excess clutter, you can better manage the setup of a new business location.

For time

Naturally, you have to think about crunching numbers when moving. Counting every penny – especially when setting up a new location or moving a business – is critical. Time plays a role, so mobile pods help with this by cutting down on the time needed to transition goods, supplies, and inventory.

Mobile pods are transported by professional teams at your discretion, meaning you don’t have to invest resources in gas and travel on your own terms. Over time, these costs can add up, especially if you make long trips back to back. 

For safety

Naturally, during a transition it’s essential to keep inventory safe from damage and theft. Mobile pods are perfect for this if you’re lacking additional security space. Mostly, businesses store inventory on location or at the new site. But whether for convenience reasons or otherwise you decide not to, a mobile pod is a good way to store things securely.

Containers come in a variety of sizes and are designed with stainless weather-resistant steel. It will keep inventory safe from harsh weather conditions and – in the unlikely scenario – theft. Also, mobile pods can be stored within fenced areas or other safe locations, increasing safety.

So, when you’re transitioning a business – either for setting up a new branch or moving the business entirely – consider mobile pod solutions.

Want more information? You can visit Mobile Attic to learn about store pod solutions for your business.