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How to have a safe summer during COVID-19

by Aug 6, 2020

As coronavirus cases continue to surge again, making sure you keep yourself protected is important. 

Here’s a list of things to do (or not do) during COVID-19. Even if you’re out to enjoy certain activities, always err on the side of caution.

Wear protective gear

It’s said time and again, but always worth repeating. Whether you’re out for an errand or going for a walk, keep a mask on. This prevents the spread of Coronavirus to yourself and others. Masks are easy to acquire and come in washable variants and/or disposable ones.

Limit exposure to public gatherings

While summer activities like camping are suggested, sometimes you may not be able to avoid crowds at all. However, when you do, limit time spent there. If you’re planning an outing, try to avoid them altogether. 

Understand symptoms and risks

Another way to protect yourself over the summer is to understand symptoms and risks of COVID-19. This helps you know if you need to quarantine yourself. Or, if someone in proximity to you may have it. It’s important to do this, as it’s easy to misunderstand the cold/flu for COVID-19, and vice versa. 

Plan for more indoor entertainment

Again, this is a great time to plan for indoor activities more often than not. Camping? Try it out in the living room. Family fun? Cook together, watch movies together, play board games, etc. Pick up hobbies or learn a new skill. With a renewed surge of the virus, it’s likely we’ll see another order for quarantine and stay-at-home suggestions.

Know the risks

One of the deadliest aspects about COVID-19 is that it can return. There are reported cases of individuals testing positive for Coronavirus, even after they’ve had it. Therefore, risk factors are still high.

Additionally, long-term effects of the disease are not fully understood, including the damage it can cause our bodies. In rare cases, others report the virus lasting for weeks to months. You can see why skipping a trip to the beach just isn’t worth it in this case.

Get refunds and credits

If you made plans before the COVID debacle hit, see if you can get refunds or at least credits with hotel reservations (or similar). You can turn around and spend that on stay-at-home activities, or plan for something again when the virus dies down.

Overall, practice caution

It is, ultimately, not worth the risk. Numerous health services are currently under extreme duress during the pandemic. Transmission factors have exploded, and the virus is overall unpleasant to have (not to mention the long-term potential damage).

This summer, enjoy some peace and quiet. Stay at home, avoid crowds, wear your mask, and keep in touch with the latest health developments. Save that money for next year!