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Humidity Controlled Portable Storage Units at Mobile Attic! What?

by Jun 16, 2021

Humidity Controlled Portable Storage Units at Mobile Attic! What?


Does Mobile Attic offer Humidity Controlled Units?

Mobile Attic Portable Self Storage of Columbia, Greenville/Spartanburg, and Charleston South Carolina has introduced the first ever humidity controlled portable storage units! This groundbreaking new advancement now allows for the company’s units to be protected from the harsh humid seasons of South Carolina weather. 


Where Can Humidity Controlled Units Be Stored?

At The Mobile Attic we are officially introducing our new humidity controlled units, which are now offered per customer’s request and can be stored on-site at a customers home or business. These modified units allow you to store your belongings without fear of them being damaged by the very humid conditions of the southeast. Additionally, as with all of our units, they are in fact portable, meaning that with these units you will no longer need to drive to a climate controlled traditional storage facility if you wish to protect your stored belongings from the heat of the summer. You can instead easily store them right outside your own home, business, or wherever you find them to be the most convenient. 


Should I Get A Unit With Humidity Control?

We at The Mobile Attic fully acknowledge that humidity controlled units will not be for everyone and that your specific situation will ultimately be the deciding factor in determining whether you want your unit to be humidity controlled or not, but we are committed to giving you the option. We as a company want your storage experience to be as customizable as possible and believe that this is one way in which we can help contribute to that goal. Whether you rent a humidity controlled unit or a traditional unit, our containers are designed to take really good care of your personal belongings. 


Humidity Controlled vs Climate Controlled: What is the Difference?

You may be wondering what distinguishes “Humidity Controlled” storage units from “Climate Controlled” storage units especially as most traditional storage facilities choose to market themselves as the latter rather than the former. So what is the difference between the two? The main distinction is that as the names imply, humidity controlled units are protected from humidity, whereas fully climate controlled units would be protected from both humidity and temperature. Although it can be argued that being protected from both humidity and temperature is indeed important, it is much more difficult to argue that humidity poses a bigger risk to your belongings than temperature. This is especially notable in the south, where, as you likely already know, humidity is a much larger threat than dry heat. According to, if humidity regularly exceeds 60% and the air contains water vapor of that level, mold and mildew start to grow which may damage some of your belongings. In Columbia, SC as reported by, yearly humidity is approximately 70.75%. 


Statistics show that humid heat is much more threatening to both you and your belongings than dry heat, which poses far less of a risk. This explains why the vast majority of people who want climate controlled units want a unit that is free from the possibility of acquiring mold or mildew, which cannot form if a unit has a functioning dehumidifier, rather than a unit that simply alters the temperature and not the humidity. As of May, 2021, The Mobile Attic is the only portable self storage company in the state of South Carolina to offer units with dehumidifiers. 


Are Mobile Attic Portable Storage Units Without Dehumidifiers Safe?

By now you are likely thinking that if one of our containers does not have a dehumidifier, and if humidity levels are above 60% outside, then your belongings will be negatively affected. On the contrary, while this might appear to be an accurate conclusion given the data we’ve presented, it is not entirely true. There are other ways to lower humidity that do not require the usage of a dehumidifier. A prime example of this is with The Mobile Attic’s standard containers, which have an aluminum roof that reflects the heat and a ventilation system, both of which are designed to combat the harsh humidity of the southeast by allowing air to circulate. Unfortunately many of our competitors do not have systems as perfected as these to deal with humidity in their units.  Mobile Attic has been renting non-humidity controlled units since 2004 and they do a GREAT job keeping belongings safe but if someone is still concerned about humidity and wants some extra peace of mind, we can deliver a unit installed with a dehumidifier.   


What Is The Difference Between Units With/Without Dehumidifiers?

Over the past nearly two decades that The Mobile Attic has existed in the state of South Carolina, our units have protected customers’ belongings from the effects of humidity, but we have realized that even though our units are good at fighting humidity because of how they are designed, using dehumidifiers help reduce the humidity even more.  Units with dehumidifiers are for people who want to take an extra step in order to have more assurance that their belongings will never be affected by humidity as long as they are properly stored in one of our containers. A dehumidifier should not be absolutely essential for the average customer, but if you are planning on storing any priceless belongings(which we advise against doing) or simply want to take every precaution necessary in order to ensure the safety of your items, then a unit with a dehumidifier could be right for you. 

Will Climate Controlled Traditional Storage Be A Thing Of The Past? 

One of the prime selling points of many traditional storage facilities is that they are climate controlled. They promise to keep your belongings safe from any exterior changes in humidity or temperature and while this promise likely still reigns true today, they are no longer essential if the reason why you are using them is because you are worried about mold or mildew showing up. There is no longer a need to drive to one of these facilities out of fear for what the humidity might do to your belongings if you don’t. Instead you can opt for a much more convenient portable container that accomplishes the exact same thing and you will never have to leave your home.  We bring self storage to you.  Let us do the driving and we will make this your most convenient move yet.

At The Mobile Attic, we believe that the age of the traditional brick and mortar storage facility is coming to a close. This is due to the list of reasons for storing at one of these places is getting smaller and smaller in favor of the far more convenient, easily accessible, portable, and now fully humidity controlled containers offered by The Mobile Attic.