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Improving Yard Work with Portable Storage Pods

by Jul 1, 2022

Improving Yard Work with Portable Storage Pods

Yard work is a hobby for many during the summer season. Some like to plant gardens, others want to keep their lawn in shape. But, as summer rolls around, record highs from hot days are often the norm, so it’s important to remain productive and cool.

How? Utilizing portable storage pods is a great way to not only cut down on redundant yard labor, but stay cool too. 

Benefits of mobile storage pods

Mobile storage pods provide a lot of utility beyond regular storage. And, when you combine them with gardening/yard work, they’re even better.

Yard work and gardening require different supplies and tools, depending on the workload. For this, we’ll assume you take advantage of lots of tools, and need additional supply space. A mobile pod is great for just that, since it operates like its own garage. You can essentially store away gardening and yardwork items in a single unit, which improves organization for easier item access, and decreases clutter.

Less clutter means improved productivity, since it’s like walking into a convenient room to get right what you need. Imagine that versus a cluttered tool-closet and the time it takes to find what you need. Plus, it cuts down on hiding spots for pests or other unwanted guests.

Storage pods for summer work

The reason mobile pods are helpful for summer yard/garden work isn’t just because they declutter, organize, and store things. It’s also how they increase safety. In the southeast coast – where Mobile Attic is located especially – heatwaves are all too common and can pose serious health risks if not prepared for.

By cutting down on foot traffic between work related yard tasks and a pod, you reduce sun exposure. While it doesn’t sound like much, keeping your skin protected against excessive sunlight is important to prevent overheating and sunburn. During yardwork, it’s easy to overlook sun rays and prolonged exposure to sunlight, even if you don’t feel hot. But over time, this can potentially cause sunburn.

Outside of taking frequent breaks and staying hydrated, limiting time in the sun is important for summer. Mobile pods allow you to better plan ideal times for yard and gardening work. They’re also great for small business solutions and renovations too.

When outside, especially in hot summer heat, it’s important to follow some simple safety tips to prevent complications we mentioned, such as sunburn. 

For yard and gardenwork:

  • Limit exposure time in the sun, taking breaks at least every 30 minutes
  • Avoid working during peak sun hours (noon)
  • Wear a heat and other sunwear to protect your face
  • Utilize sunscreen and protection, and also hydrate often
  • Take advantage of mobile pods by storing them around shaded areas

Garden and yard work can be a fulfilling activity, but it’s not fun dealing with the hot sun! Use our pods and safety tips to make your summer a fun and safe one.

For more information about storage units, contact Mobile Attic today.