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Indoor Activities for Kids

by Aug 13, 2020

Oh boy, it’s summertime! But, oh no! Coronavirus! Unless you’ve safely been under a rock for the past half-year, you know what COVID-19 is and its implications. What this means for most is a lot of time indoors. . . for better or worse. If you have kids. . . well, might be a challenge.

Unless. . .

Mobile Attic is here to help with summer activity suggestions, mainly with activities for kids. The good news is you don’t need a lot and can get really creative with minimal budgeting. It’s also a better alternative than just endless hours of television/streaming (those aren’t bad distractions but if you want something more hands on, this is a better idea).

Activity Ideas

So, here’s a cheat-sheet of a few things you can try at home!

Bowling with plastic bottles

Bowling can be fun, and you don’t need to head to an alley to do it. If you have enough plastic bottles (or containers) you can improvise bowling pins. All you need is a ball for rolling and knocking the pins over! 

Arts and crafts galore

This is prime time for arts and crafts! Since you have an abundance of things around the house, you can utilize them for any activity. Colored paper, paints, markers, and anything else can make for a simple visual activity. Paper art from drawings are a great way to pass the time and help your children unleash their imagination.

Custom instruments

Speaking of, create a band at home. Got a few things lying around the house? Custom DIY instruments, like drums, are a great way to – once again – get creative. And at the end, your kids can host their own band show! Just don’t expect the next Beatles. 

Mini-games and home games

You can always find a simple board game or two to pass the time, but no doubt that can’t last forever. So, minigames at home work just fine, like custom putt-putt, “lava dodging” (avoiding sections of colored paper), pong-ball catching, and a host of others. You can even make your own homebrew games, as long as they involve the indoors.

Indoor camping (with extra flair)

We’ve mentioned indoor camping briefly before, but this time we’ve got a way to add some extra character to it. Consider using house plants and lights to really add that “outdoor” effect (since going outside is tough anyway). You can also go one step further and use audio noises of nature to make things “real,” and even add a starry sky in the living room – or wherever you “camp.”

And the best part, smores are within the kitchen’s reach!

There are plenty of other activities you can try and do, but these are some of our suggestions. Kids have activate imaginations (and energy) so it’s a good idea to channel that! Even if it’s indoors, you can still have fun and be safe!

If you’d more ideas and information for summer activities, check out our other ideas at Mobile Attic!