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It’s back to school time with Mobile Storage Pods

by Aug 25, 2023

It’s back to school time with Mobile Storage Pods


For many, the summer vacation season is drawing to a swift close. Students and alumni are preparing to head back to the education world, prepping for a new year of learning. But in the chaos of getting all the details right, from schedules, classes, and personal materials, it’s easy to lose track of one thing: storage space. 

Schools have a lot of factors to juggle as they onboard new alumni and faculty. The management of supplies, for example, is a bigger task than it sounds. When organizing new students and ensuring there’s enough ergonomic space for everyone, things get complicated. Schools also need to consider the supplies they’ll need for the curricular year. 

Here’s a handful of considerations to keep in mind for a new school year, regardless of academic level.

Furnishment Storage

Chairs and desks must be allotted to classrooms. Depending on the total alumni size, this can vary. A mobile storage pod provides enough available to storage for planning. It can also provide space in case of excess inventory.

General Supplies

Some school systems will need space for general supplies, be that material related to academics or otherwise.

Gym Equipment

Weights, sports equipment, chairs, and anything related to the gym space can be safely stored in a mobile storage unit for safe keeping.

Chemicals and Cleaning Material

Some educational facilities may prefer to keep cleaning material – extra or otherwise – in a safe exterior space. Chemical cleaners can be hazardous if exposed to alumni, so this ensures that cleaning material is stored in pods. 

These are only a handful examples. Mobile pods can fit virtually any use, so long as the inventory can fit in the allotted space.

Why use a mobile pod?

Schools are at a specific disadvantage when it comes to storage. They’re a large, stationary space that needs to manage all academic activities and provide comfortable space for the student body. This doesn’t include everything involved with providing different services. Therefore, if storage space becomes a problem, it’s challenging to find storage that fits the volume requirements of a school. Elementary to college, they’re large facilities, and have storage demands of such. 

Traditional storage options simply do not work for alumni facilities, and warehouses are not adequate nor practical. This is why mobile storage pods provide incredibly convenient, handy options for storage space. As the name implies, they are mobile, meaning they arrive at the destination of choice. Faculty do not need to retrieve pods, and expert crews deliver the pod(s) at designated times.

That means two things: school schedules do not need to be adjusted for storage or pod retrieval. It also means units can be safely located behind secure fencing/areas. 

Some facilities may also focus on construction and expansion projects, such as college campuses. Storage pods can be used to house material or other inventory for quick access, expediting the process. Furthermore, a school can use as many pods as desired. They come in a variety of sizes and are usable as long as needed, versus paying long term contract/rent prices for traditional storage options.

Traditional storage options, on the other hand, cannot provide adequate space for the needs of a large school facility. It requires travelling between locations, which is not practical for school faculty. Additionally, as mentioned, traditional options are not designed for the storage demands of a school. 

Even more uses with mobile storage pods

You have an idea of what mobile units can do for a school: provide ample space when necessary. But with pods, you can think outside of the box. These units are versatile in what they can be used for – well outside of storage only.

For example, school projects – either at home or at the facility. Field days are common elementary projects, taking advantage of outdoors and emphasizing physical activity. A mobile pod can be used to store all field day itinerary, keeping it in a nearby location for easy access. But this is a basic example – if you can think of a school project requiring additional space, a mobile pod has you covered. Alumni can even use the pod itself as an extra interior space, if needed.

Storage for home

If you’re running into the rare, but possible, issue of insufficient space at home for academic purposes, then you can rely on a mobile storage unit. Pods are not limited by customer or client, they’re a handy way to give you – essentially – a garage on wheels. If you need them for a school project, you can always rely on a mobile pod. So long as you’re within the service area, professional crews will drop off the pod (or pods) as needed.

Other Advantages

A few last considerations if you’re still hesitant about a mobile pod. Keep in mind, these are conveniences that saves you on time, money, and gas. School facilities keep an organized schedule, and therefore don’t have the space to make back-and-forth trips to a stationary storage locale. Consider, too, the cost of fuel when travelling, both factors eliminated when using mobile storage units.

Security is also an understandable consideration, as school supplies are valuable. Mobile pods can be placed behind barriers as needed, and the units can be locked. They’re also made of stainless steel and resilient to harsh weather conditions, protecting the inventory within. If you need to move furnishing or other objects around for remodeling, or just need to put away excess storage, mobile pods has your school covered.

As the school year starts, no doubt the need to organize and plan is critical. Take away some of the stress by utilizing mobile storage pods, especially if space considerations are a major concern.

Pods come in a variety of sizes and can be used for virtually any use we’ve covered. If you’re looking to cut costs, they’re also a viable option.

If you’d like to learn more, contact Mobile Attic today for additional information.