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Keeping Your Home Clean During the COVID-19 Outbreak

by Apr 24, 2020

We’re in “interesting times” to say the least, and every aspect of life has been affected by the COVID-19 Coronavirus. Because of its outbreak, businesses and infrastructure have had to close off for the time being to reduce infection rates, forcing many to stay inside. Health experts and politicians alike are emphasizing ‘social distancing’ to prevent additional exposure to the virus and overall contain the infection rates.

Part of reducing potential contamination is cleanliness. If you don’t already, it’s a good idea to get into the habit of washing hands at regular intervals, avoid touching your face, and other good hygiene. And, as you might expect, extending cleanliness to the rest of your living space is also a good idea. If you’re staying inside to reduce exposure (or have no choice do to quarantine orders) catching up on a little spring cleaning is a good use of time. 

While we typically introduce tips for things like storage, considering current events, we’ve got a few suggestions to help reduce the levels of bacteria in your home and stay clean in general.

Stock up on gloves and masks

Easier said than done given various shortages due to excessive demand. However, gloves for both cleaning and personal respiration will be useful, even when cleaning. This is additionally helpful if you’re assisting a loved one or individual who may have exposure to the coronavirus. 

Remove old food and refill with perishables

You’ll want to reduce the amount of “decaying” food in your home, such as items that can’t be frozen or that go bad. This reduces bacteria around the house and also makes sure you have enough.

Bleach surfaces

Take precautions with this one. Bleaching surfaces with chemicals can keep things sterilized and clean, but, bleach (and other chemicals) are obviously very harmful to skin. Use it only in a ventilated area to not cause respiratory agitation. If you have a loved one experiencing respiratory problems, however, you can skip this option.

Disinfect touch surfaces routinely

By touch surfaces, we mean parts of your home that see lots of physical contact such as doorknobs, desks, kitchen surfaces, and even anything hardwood like seats. Naturally, these “high touch” areas will leave lots of germs, bacteria, and in worse cases the actual virus (though if it’s in your home there’s probably other things to worry about).

Until you’re certain you and others in the household or safe, wipe and disinfect these areas frequently, at least on a daily basis.

Clean clutter and toss old supplies

Since you want to remove chances of the virus lingering or other problems, be sure to toss clutter and used cleaning supplies in case they carry excess bacteria. Above all, you want to reduce anything that could compromise the immune system or work against it.

Hopefully these tips help you while you stay inside. Wash your hands frequently and keep up to date with the latest information regarding COVID-19.

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