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Landscaping and Mobile Storage Pods

by Jun 4, 2021

Empowering your landscaping project with mobile storage units

Landscaping projects are never small in scope. Even if it’s for a living space or home unit, overhauling the yard or exterior area is a tribunal in itself. It requires space, supplies, organization, and planning. If you’re jumping into a landscape project, we’ll assume you have this covered. Though, even with the best intentions, you’ll find yourself running short on space soon enough.

As landscape goals are big in nature, you’ll want every advantage at your disposal for a smooth job. If you’re a business, even more so, since time is money. Fortunately, you do have a secret weapon at your disposal: a mobile storage pod!

Helpful tricks with mobile storage pods

Trick #1: Lots of Storage

Like we mentioned, space will be your biggest enemy. Or rather, lack thereof. The quantity of supplies needed for landscaping projects always varies. But most likely you’ll need products for decorations, renovations, and floral installations. Some also replace their entire lawns, depending on the need. But you need somewhere to keep this inventory, and on location isn’t enough. That’s where the mobile pod comes in, much like a spacious garage you can transport!

Trick #2: Convenience

No matter the project, time is of the essence. Therefore, it’s a major benefit when utilizing storage pods. Pods can arrive at designated locations when within a service area. You don’t have to travel to a storage spot, in that scenario, saving you on time and gas.

Also, you can shift supplies to-and-from a pod on location, cutting down on foot traffic and redundant labor. Keeping clutter out of the way makes the landscaping process that much easier in already stressful process.

Trick #3: Time Saver

Since you won’t make long trips back and forth for storage reasons, you cut down on time, allowing you to focus on the project at hand.

For a business this is a huge help. Because, for as long as you remain closed due to renovations, you lose out on money. Therefore, a landscaping project with mobile pods cuts away at this “downtime” since you have the pod at your location.

Additionally, pods can be transported by professional teams as needed. You won’t need any special licenses or trips to make use of them, they’ll come to you!

Trick #4: Inventory Protection

Sometimes landscaping projects require storage of valuable inventory, supplies, and equipment. You don’t want it damaged – or in rare cases stolen – so that’s where the mobile pod comes in. Made of stainless steel with lock options, you can keep your inventory safely stored away. Since the pod is mobile, you can put it behind fencing, within secure areas, or just out of harm’s way.

So, before you dive into a huge landscaping project for your home or business space, don’t fret. You’ve got something new for the job, a mobile storage pod!

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