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Local Moves and the Fortunate Majority!

by Oct 25, 2017

so, you wanted to stay close to your awesome public school system or maybe the local barista finally knows your name after three and a half years of ordering daily beverages. You don’t want to go through that emotional pain again. Whatever the reason, moving locally can be an interesting change of scenery and perspective, despite changing residence within the same town. Moving is still moving, though, and the stress is always present. On the plus side, there are a ton of advantages to local moves that will make your life so much easier, and I am here to help you capitalize on it! The big thing about local moving, aside from the 24/hr access to comforting sights and smells, is the convenience’ this comes about through a larger connection to resources, time and, of course, Mobile Attic portable storage. On top of all that, you don’t have to spend the next several months studying google maps and bumbling around back roads to get a feel for navigation! With the prospect of a simpler move on the horizon, it would be foolish not to savor every minute of it. I imagine in the future, if you are to move out of the area, you would long for a simpler time. One where you don’t have to awkwardly think up conversation points to improve your relationship with the coffee shop team.

The Luxury of the Plan!

The key to any successful moving venture is the well thought-out and organized plan, preferably equipped with a handy binder and various color-coded messages in super quality highlighters. If you are moving a good distance, there are only so many times that you can see the new place. As a result, your memory of the layout or the dimensions will be hazy, and this can be harmful for your overall plan. Local moves are totally different! You can visit on your way home from work or when you go out to do some errands. There are plenty of opportunities for you to Da Vinci sketch the bajeebers out of your new home. This will help you coordinate a move-in plan that will be perfectly executed, all your furniture and belongings in the exact space. Measure twice, cut once, as everyone’s grandfather everywhere would say. Bonus points if you can get access to the inside before you actually move out of your new place.

The Beauty of Time!

The short distance and frequent trips also means you have plenty of time to get your stuff move in. Before the storage unit is moved, take some essentials over to the new place in preparation for the move i. When the container is delivered to the new address, you can operate on your own schedule, unloading it and shifting the furniture out piece by piece until that perfect plan is completed before you. While you are loading the container with big stuff, this is also a good time to start transporting some of the essential clutter over to the new place. This is anything from extra toilet paper to your secret collection of Cracked magazines (MAD was too mainstream). Spacing out the move like this will split everything up into tiny moves, which creates the illusion that there is less work to do. Essentially, you will feel like there is less to keep up with, so you won’t be as stressed or anxious dealing with all the mental processing stuff.

The Joy of Familiarity!

One of the biggest advantages of moving within town (I’ve touched on this a bit with the navigation thing) is the wonderful air of familiarity. The world around is your acquaintance or maybe even your best friend, and you can spot that beauty mark on its face from a mile away! Though there are joys in exploration, home is where the heart is (and all that jazz) and your heart needs some of those 3 AM waffles at the diner where the waitress calls you sweetie. Even so, the stressed of moving always seems to creep their way into your mind. Changing scenery, no matter how close to the new place is, can always fill you with anxiety. To combat this, make it a point to visit some of your favorite locations (parks, local stores or eateries) as you pack up the storage container. This will bridge a connection in your brain between the old and the new. If you have access to the new home before you move out, make a point to stay at both places interchangeably until you get comfortable with your new surroundings. Finally one of the greatest joys of moving locally is that you are never alone. You have inevitably made some friends that you would feel awful leaving behind. Celebrate the fact that you’re staying around with a move-in party! You may even be able to convince a few of them to help with the moving…