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Make your autumn move easy with mobile storage pods

by Nov 2, 2021

Make your autumn move easy with mobile storage pods


As autumn approaches, many are readying for a major life transition via move. Fall is a decent time of the year to find a new home, and typically when new lease agreements start for both apartment and homeowners. Depending on your location, it’s easier as well, since conditions make for a less hectic buyer’s market. 

But whatever your reason, and no matter the season, a move is a move. They’re rife with complications and struggles, so that’s why taking advantage of a mobile storage pod can make this transition easier. Even more so when it’s the autumn season! How? We’ll tell you!

Advantages of mobile pods for autumn moving

With fall comes colder, shorter days and darker nights. In some parts of the United States, excessive rain as well. While on their own it’s not a problem, but excess cold conditions and wet roads do make for hazards. The time transition also makes moving in general much harder.

That’s why mobile pods provide a key advantage: time and travel. You can load up a pod, and a designated team will transition your inventory from one point to another at a time you prefer. This is even better for work situations. If you can’t get time off, or enough you need for moving, mobile pods will take care of the transition, even if you’re at work. And, as you can already guess, it saves you money on travel and gas expenses. Considering the expense of moving, no doubt you want to crunch every dollar.

The other advantage is mobile pods transition your items safely. Made of stainless-steel material, they’ll protect against rainy and cold conditions. You also won’t need to worry about road hazards, since professional teams will keep your luggage safe. In normal scenarios, renting a moving truck is typical, which are large, expensive, and hard to get around. On dark rainy roads, it’s even worse, and just more stress.

Another advantage for moving is mobile pods give you accessibility. Transitioning your living space into a pod is easier, since you don’t need to travel to a distant location to store things away. In other words, imagine having a spacious interior right at your doorstop. This lets you focus on organization of materials for an easier move. If needed, you can have multiple pods too (great for small businesses which may open new locations.

So, if you want to move during the fall, consider a mobile pod. It can reduce stress and expenses for an already difficult transition. As a few other tips for fall moving:

  • Keep weather reports handy and plan around days which are cool and dry
  • Package and organize materials appropriately and section them by what’s needed
  • When moving to a new location, make sure the power and heat work!
  • Be sure a mobile pod is in your service area to avoid confusion and service disruptions

If you’d like to use a mobile pod for a fall move, contact Mobile Attic for additional information.