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Make Your Yard Sale Easier with Mobile Pod Storage

by Jun 11, 2021

Make Your Yard Sale Easier with Mobile Pod Storage


While yard sales are mostly a thing of the past, every once and a while we find the time to make extra cash over belongings we no longer want or need. Ultimately, a yard sale is about decluttering and getting a little money in return (or a lot, depending on what you sell). We believe in personal success, so here’s some tips – along with help from a mobile pod unit – that can make your yard sale a huge success!

#1: Organize

Before anything, itemize what you plan to sell and what you don’t want. Be sure, too you can actually make a sale. If it’s junk, it’s junk, and getting rid of it is easier said than done. Refurbish and clean as necessary. Once organized, you can stow away your sales items in a mobile pod for accessibility.

#2: Get the word out!

Yard and garage sales were often a thing you found in the local paper or your neighborhood. Putting up signs and maybe knocking on doors, if you were bold enough. But hey, guess what, this is the modern era! Utilize web advertising and make it clear you’re having a garage sale. Give plenty of time in advance and make sure you’re fully prepared. And, you can always store things away in a mobile pod if you want to do multiple sales days, so don’t sweat the crunch.

#3: Use photos

Images of organized inventory with high quality images (along with your mobile pod) will help sell things ahead of time. Sure, you can use the opportunity to flex your sales skills, but you don’t want to do all the legwork of setting things up only to have no sales in return.

#4: Value your items

Yes, while you may think item x is valuable, it might not be. Unless you sell local crafts, you want to make sure what you sell at least has some value. Typically, customers going to a garage sale are looking for hard-to-find niche items they can’t find anywhere else, so take charge of that.

#5: Offer refreshments

What draws people and keeps them around? Food and drink. Obviously, no reason to give it away for free, but you can keep small sandwiches, snacks, and drinks as a cheap way to make some extra cash and at least attract more potential customers. Mobile pods work great for this too, as you can store coolers and ice inside them.

Better yet, you can even keep food supplies for quick cooking if inspiration strikes. It’s an advantage you don’t usually have, but do with mobile pods. It also grants your sales efforts a more “professional” air, potentially encouraging yet more sales of niche items.

Garage and yard sales aren’t as prolific these days, but that doesn’t mean they’re gone forever. So when you plan a big sale with the local neighborhood, make it better with mobile pods and their unique storage options.

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