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Managing Flu Season with Portable Storage

by Oct 13, 2020

Influenza spreads quickly around the later part of the year. Primarily, it’s because people are in closer proximity to the other as the weather cools down. Additionally, schools start their semester which increases opportunities for getting sick. 

Influenza is always dangerous, but combined with the current Coronavirus pandemic, many are more worried than usual about staying healthy. It’s challenging, but doable. To help, did you know that mobile storage pods offer several advantages when dealing with the flu? 

How mobile pods help with flu protection

How do pods help with protection against the flu? Through organization, space management, social distancing, and cleanliness.

Organization applies to anyone, ranging from homes, businesses, and schools. Essentially, organization allows for cleaning of interior spaces with less chance for exposure and contamination. Since you want to reduce risk of spreading influenza (or getting it) having a less clustered environment creates more paths to organize, restructure, and ultimately plan for protecting against influenza.

Mobile pods are also convenient in that they can be delivered to a service location so long as they are within a service area. This translates to zero travel time, and also reduces exposure to others. In a time where COVID-19 is capable of spreading in the air, this is a plus.

Storage units are also great for stowing away medical inventory like masks, gloves, cleaning supplies, and other protective equipment. Depending on the situation, this can come in handy. Schools, for instance, will want as much of this on hand to decontaminate in an effort to reduce risk of spreading influenza (and by proxy, COVID). Healthcare practices can also make use of the extra storage by putting away extra supplies where necessary.

Extra space for deep cleaning

Deep cleaning is a more detailed approach to sprucing up environments, and normally uses chemicals too. Pods can be used to store cleaning equipment for apartment and home facilities. Or, they can be used to store things before the cleaning. The fact remains, though, that in order to best conduct deep cleaning you’ll need the space, so having a convenient storage unit within walking distance is highly beneficial. 

For example, classrooms can temporarily store desks and chairs for rooms. The same applies to our other examples, creating space and providing time to better organize. 

Accessible benefits

The best part is, pods can be managed without the need to travel, which can be beneficial for homecare assistance or those who need to organize/clean but also act as caregivers. Additionally, mobile transportation of pods reduces interaction with others and thus lessens the chance of contracting influenza (or in this year’s case, COVID-19).

Mobile pods provide a whole range of convenient, safe benefits not otherwise possible with traditional storage solutions.

If you’d like more information about storage pods, contact Mobile Attic today.