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Mobile Attic and Halloween Storage

by Oct 16, 2019

It’s that time of year again where the trifecta of season holidays is upon us. This means, as a business, there’s lots of seasonal inventory to sell and eventually rotate. But it’s a task easier said than done, what with so many things needing stocking and placing. 

Fortunately, Mobile Attic isn’t just a company focused on residential moves. We also happily assist businesses and companies with their inventory. Here’s a few ways we can help you during the Halloween season – before and after.

1 – Mobile Storage

This wouldn’t be much of a mobile pod if we couldn’t get to and from your location, would it? Mobile pods essentially provide exterior storage to and from your place of business whenever you need it. This is great for organizing excess storage or when it’s time to rotate for the holidays.

For example, say you need to put extra items away to make room for Halloween or autumn décor. A mobile pod can come to your business, having everything put away, and then transferred to a service location of your choosing. Convenient!

2 – Time Saving

Putting things away for said storage is, as you can imagine, a time-consuming process. When you need to make sales and focus on transitioning inventory, time, as they say, is money. Again, by providing you a convenient pod (or pods) for storing contents, you can access your autumn themed inventory much faster.

Staff won’t need to make trips to third-party storage facilities and you won’t have to invest gas in making the trips. Everything you need can come directly to you!

3 – Organization

As you can imagine, with extra storage space and a cleaner store, things are far easier to organize. This is important for smaller, local businesses. A clean store equals a happy customer. It also lets you put the focus on autumn or Halloween themed inventory you may want to sell. 

4 – Less Safety Hazards

Though it may not be on the top of your list, too much clutter in storage leads to additional safety hazards. With their frequency, lights are vectors for electrical fire, and additional clutter makes things harder to access while also providing fuel for fires. Worse yet, clutter can make leaving a building harder in case of an emergency.

5 – Less Costs

Of course, reducing costs is one of the biggest advantages for your company’s Halloween storage needs. By shaving off time, gas, and third-party storage demands, your business saves a great deal of money before the Halloween season kicks off. With services like Mobile Attic, you only pay the single service fee versus other competitors.

If you’d like more info about how Mobile Attic can help you for the Halloween season, contact us today!