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Mobile Attic Hurricane Help

by Oct 23, 2018

Tropical storms are no joke, and for many people across the southeastern United States, a part of life. You don’t have to look far to discover the damage caused by hurricanes. Property destruction, cost, and losing entire homes are all common factors when dealing with these terrifying natural storms.

So, what can you do to truly prepare for a hurricane? Beyond having proper insurance and boarding up your home, one might feel helpless in the face of disaster. But all is not lost. If you’re concerned about protecting property – specifically key items from your home – Mobile Attic has a solution.

Durable, steel mobile pods are an alternative to traditional storage. This is because – in face of a hurricane – we have one advantage: prep time. During the week before a storm lands, most do what they can to protect themselves and what they own. Easier said than done though, right? However, utilizing a mobile pod is one way to keep your valuables protected.

Since Mobile Attic provides storage pods from anywhere in a serving area, this means you can put things in storage and have it promptly moved away from the reach of a hurricane. Or, just have them in storage which is retrievable later. Since hurricanes impact certain areas harder – usually once they land on the coast – it’s ideal to keep your property as far from the critical surge as possible. While you can’t move a home, you can certainly utilize storage to protect precious valuables at a distance.

This is a better alternative to standard storage solutions. Hurricanes are violent and can grow stronger – meaning their ability to cause irreparable property damage swells. It’s not uncommon for them to obliterate buildings or crush housing units. This means traditional storage units are ripe targets for the fury of a storm, and that property stored there is no longer safe.

Additionally, once the hurricane has passed, people must rebuild. Again, far easier said than done depending on the circumstance. But during the rebuild time, renovations are common and home inventory has to be cleared/stored. While repairs occur, essential property can be stored in a Mobile Attic unit – giving property owners much needed peace of mind as they fix storm damage.

There are no winners when it comes to tropical storms. No doubt over the past several years you’ve likely seen deadly effects they can have – along with the millions in property damage caused. These times are heartbreaking, as people’s entire lives are often left in disarray because of them. By using Mobile Attic pods, one can alleviate some of the potential damage by storing away certain valuables before a storm’s impact. While it can’t shield your home from a hurricane, it can provide a safe haven for your possessions.

Remember that surviving hurricanes comes down to prep, and utilizing storage pods gives you an accessible alternative to traditional storage methods.


-Douglas James