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Mobile Pods and Halloween Ideas

by Oct 28, 2021

Mobile Pods and Halloween Ideas


We recently touched on the benefits of mobile storage pods for autumn themes. But aside from helping you organize your decorations in an accessible manner, did you know that pods can be used for Halloween and autumn fun too? It’s true, it just takes thinking a little outside the box!

All you need is time and space and time to organize. But if you’re still not sure, we’ll give you some pointers and ideas about what a mobile pod can do for you!

Halloween organization and decoration fun

If you haven’t already guessed, here’s the breakdown: mobile pods can work like mini haunted houses. Or better yet, another way to give out candy or show off decorations! Think about the alternative. Usually, a haunted house needs a large interior space, or, somewhere on a front yard where one can set up an area to walk through. That’s essentially what a mobile pod provides, with better durability.

Or, if you want, you can set up a hot spot to hand out treats, if you prefer something other than a porch. It’s great for businesses too if you’re planning a quick seasonal special event. But regardless, think of a mobile pod as an excuse to dress up an extra space.

Decoration and theme ideas

The great think about mobile pods is they can come to you within a designated timeframe and area. So, you’ll plenty of time to contemplate concepts for your spook house. Still having trouble with ideas though? No problem, we’ll give you a few easy concepts to work with.

For example, why not try the tested and true pirate theme? Costumes for pirates are easy to come by, along with things like skulls and fake treasure chests. It works perfectly for Halloween too, since you can put candy inside the treasure chests. You can even set up a “fake map” on the pod’s exterior, leading visitors to the hidden candy within.

But if you’re feeling more “traditional,” nothing wrong with a spooky graveyard. Ghosts, ghouls, and best of all, skeletons! Fake webs can hang around the sides of the pod, and to hide the metal exterior, you can drape theme appropriate linens or black material to give it a more foreboding look. Don’t skip on the lights easier – hanging orange and purple colors provides a mystic, seasonally appropriate aura.

Remember, that because you can put mobile pods just about anywhere, you can take advantage of the distance. Set up some fancy lights, smoke machines, and even audio ambiance for that extra flair. People go out for Halloween every year, but they’ll remember the front lawn with the decorated haunted house.

Those are only a couple of examples for what you can with a mobile pod, however. Let your imagination run wild, and take advantage of mobile storage units this season.

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