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Mobile pods are great for extra holiday space

by Dec 23, 2020

Even at the best of times, Santa needs a little extra help. The holidays are a great time of year to celebrate things with friends and family, but, there’s plenty of stress involved. Beyond the complications of safely planning events and holiday shopping, the nature of storing supplies and gifts is a problem most don’t consider until it’s time to pack.

Certainly, holiday decorations bring out beautiful holiday scenes, but there’s a lot to unpack). Making loved ones happy with Christmas gifts is also a seasonal high note, but sometimes there isn’t a safe place to stow things away. Never mind the complications brought about if you’re travelling, or a small business handling the holiday rush.

Already feeling the stress? Not to worry, as always, mobile pods are an ideal fix to holiday related storage problems. How’s that work out, you may wonder?

Benefits of mobile pods for holiday storage

Remember one of the biggest positives regarding mobile pods: transportation. If a pod is in a company’s service area (like Mobile Attic), the units can arrive to your desired location as needed. Considering the obstacles presented by holiday travel (especially when protecting against COVID), having a storage unit transfer holiday inventory to and from a location is extremely useful.

Additionally, it’s much safer. Like we’ve mentioned before, mobile pods reduce human engagement and interaction when moving holiday supplies, thus mitigating the chance of COVID exposure. Also, the containers are designed to protect against external conditions, so you won’t have to worry about weather damage. On that note, since it reduces travel time – if necessary – you can make less trips and spend less time on the road, which avoids potential cold hazards.

But what about gift storage? That’s one of the added benefits of a mobile pod. If you need a safe spot to store away some of Santa’s gifts, well, a mobile pod fits the ticket. It’s also convenient for organization, and, works great if you have large gifts which won’t fit into traditional home situations. Barring that, they make for a great hiding place, and with accessible locks, no one can take an early Christmas peek.

Are you a business? Doesn’t matter the size, no doubt you’re planning to rotate holiday inventory and put-on themed decorations. For the reasons listed thus far, you can expect mobile pods to be a helpful storage option.

So, if you’re feeling the holiday squeeze due to time constraints or just need the additional space, mobile pods are a convenient, quick solution. They’re far more flexible than remote storage options and will cost you less in the long run.

If you’d like additional information about mobile pods for the holiday season, you can contact Mobile Attic today.