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Mobile Pods for Commercial Cleaning: The Benefits

by Feb 23, 2021

Cleaning is an important component to any successful enterprise. A clean environment cuts down on clutter, promotes a better brand image, makes interiors safer, and of course, is more pleasant to look for customers/staff. Of course, cleaning can take time and arrives with various hassles. For instance, when you’re cleaning at home, you likely need to take things off surfaces or out of rooms to get every corner and space, which ironically creates more clutter. How do you prevent this on a commercial level – in other words, for businesses with larger buildings and offices?

Mobile pods provide an indirect solution to this problem. We’ll breakdown a few of the benefits you can take advantage of when cleaning while using a storage pod.

1 – Reduced Clutter

Mobile pods act like transportable storage spots, as you know. So, during total renovations and thorough cleaning, they’re perfect for keeping items stowed away. 

For example, let’s say you’re a leasing agency preparing to clean its apartments for new tenants. You provide furniture to said tenants as part of your rental package. However, cleaning with furnishing is difficult since it covers areas you may want to get to. Therefore, a storage pod can hold said furnishings so every inch of an apartment can be cleaned. 

2 – Increased Safety

Depending on the scope of what your organization needs to clean, you’ll need a storage pod for several days, even weeks. In rare cases, months. Thus, keeping inventory safe from weather, theft, and damage is important.

Pods provide that given they’re made with stainless steel, capable of protecting inventory from harsh weather conditions. If you want to prevent potential theft of high value items, you can lock each pod, and even put them in fenced areas since they can be moved anywhere. 

3 – Easy Transportation

Speaking of “anywhere,” mobile pods are just that. If you’re in the service area, teams can transport storage units to your location of choice. Even better, they can transport those pods to a different location. If for any reason you need to take inventory somewhere, that’s something you don’t have to worry about.

It also comes in hand for cleaning supplies. If your business needs to do an extensive cleaning job, having cleansing supplies on hand will be invaluable. Rather than staff making different trips to a different storage area (or to pick up more cleaning material) using a pod to provide an access point cuts down on wasted time and increases general efficiency. 

4 – Disposal

While removing organic waste is best left to dumps, you can storage non-hazardous debris in a pod for later removal. That can include anything from damaged furnishing to old boxes. By cutting down on yet more clutter, you make the overall cleaning process that much easier for everyone involved.

So, if you need something extra for commercial cleaning purposes, look no further than with mobile pods. Just these mentioned reasons are enough to cut down on a stressful process.

You can learn more about Mobile Pod services by contacting us at Mobile Attic.