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Mobile Pods Help with Residential Cleaning Projects

by Mar 23, 2021

Mobile pods provide a host of benefits for residential and homeowners. We went to great lengths about what they can do for you in terms of additional storage. And if you’re moving, they’re even better. But the positives of storage pods don’t stop at the provisioned space.

In fact, mobile pods are great for decluttering, cleaning, and even renovation projects. As you know (and especially as spring comes around), cleaning can be a major ordeal depending on the size of your home and what you intend to do. Even surface and dusting can take a while! But, if you’re out to make your living space like brand new, you’ll want some help. 

Organization is key!

Renovations and/or cleaning projects need organization, from planning what rooms to tackle, estimating the time it takes to clean them, and what you’ll need all fall under organization. For example, if you’re decluttering the basement, that’s a lot to plan for.

As you start to unpack, think of how much space gets used up in the process. It’s actually surprising how quickly clutter can escalate when you move things around. And, if you’re deciding what to keep or toss, a floor might turn into an ocean of boxes. That’s a problem as it leads to disorganization and makes it harder to get around. It’s even a small safety hazard if you trip over something, or might lead to something getting damaged in the process.

This happens because you don’t have the extra space for it. Where does it all go? In another room? That’s just more clutter. So, you can see how the mobile pod comes in handy. If you’re taking things in-and-out of a room, basement or otherwise, that can go into a mobile pod. It’s a great way to compartmentalize your belongings. Will you toss out what you put in the pod or keep it? It’s that simple extra space providing you plenty of advantages you didn’t have before.

Other handy advantages exist too. You might have some deep cleaning in mind with a variety of chemicals to use. If you want to keep them out of harms way or in a safe place, such as away from pets and children, a pod is great for that. Cleaning equipment is protected in the solid steel frames and you can always lock it for additional security, if desired.

And of course, this is all ignoring the possibilities for renovations. If your cleaning projects include major room overhauls, then you can only imagine the labor and space required. Forget boxes or small belongings, anything from heavy furniture to room debris falls into that category. But again, with a pod, you’ve got a safe place to stow things away. That frees up more space for your projects and aids you cleaning hard-to-reach spots. Otherwise, you’d have to find another spot for all that extra stuff!

As you move or organize with mobile pods, remember they’re a creative solution for residential cleaning solutions. You can even take advantage of them as a business.

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