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Mobile Pods Make Holiday Clean Up Easy

by Jan 5, 2021

Now that the holiday season has officially wrapped up, there comes a task no one looks forward to: cleanup. From wrapping paper to stowing away decorations, the aftermath of celebrating is rarely a fun experience. Wrapping paper, extra boxes, and holiday ornaments are all part of the cleaning process, and even with help, it can take a long time.

That’s because post-holiday waste builds up fast and creates a lot of clutter. From new gifts to sort through and all the debris, suddenly, you’ve got hills of trash to get rid of, on top of organizing everything else.

Sounds dreadful, right? Well not to worry, there’s one more holiday miracle! Organizing with the help of a mobile storage pod reduces the stress and worry of post-holiday cleaning. So, if after Christmas and New Years you don’t want to deal with the hassle of messes, here’s how pods can help.

No more clutter!

Clutter makes every aspect of cleaning harder. Things get in the way, slowing you down. You lose track of objects because there’s additional things to keep up with. It adds to the frustration and even wears down on personal motivation, because seeing so many things is discouraging.

Mobile pods provide an extra space for said clutter to go into. This lets you plan a cleanup more efficiently, whatever that may be. It’s better to do cleaning in phases and trips, because all at once just leads to overworking yourself.

Store away those decorations!

Christmas and New Years decorations are fun to put up, but put away? A task no one looks forward to. From cords to sensitive ornaments there’s plenty of work. Like clutter, it can also build up, block doors, and make a mess of things. 

If you have lots of big yard decorations too, this is where mobile pods really shine. Since the containers come in a variety of sizes, you’ll have plenty of space to put them away while you clean. Also, the pods can come to you at designated times, so you’re not travelling anywhere (which is harder to do during holiday).

Rotate inventory easily!

Are you a business? Storage is no doubt a big concern. Larger companies have their stock rotated as quickly as possible, but for smaller businesses, that’s easier said than done. So, a mobile pod provides all the benefits we’ve mentioned (decluttering, organization, and cleaning) but for your workplace. It also reduces expenses associated with travel and traditional storage solutions, while saving your business money by increasing labor efficiency (less hours spent on inventory is better production).

So, before you let those holiday woes set in related to putting things away, know that mobile pods have your back.

We at Mobile Attic wish you a great holiday and happy New Year, and as always, we’re with you every step of the way.

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