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Mobile Storage for Improved Inventory Management

by Apr 28, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has presented numerous challenges to the general public and businesses. You’ve no doubt seen the impact already: shops shutting down, people told to stay indoors, and in harsher cases, quarantine.

But COVID-19 impacted other things too, and in this case, we mean inventory. During March 2020, shoppers – concerned with the rising spike in US Coronavirus cases – stocked up on supplies. This resulted in various shortages ranging from foods like non-perishables and meat to, you guessed it, toilet paper. Businesses couldn’t put things back on shelves fast enough.

There are numerous reasons for this, of which we don’t have time to get into for this article. However, we can quickly assess how mobile storage pods may assist with inventory management.

What are storage pods?

Mobile pods are another handy name for storage containers which can be moved around, typically transported by automobile. There are stationary storage options, but those are inconvenient for users depending on the situation. 

Why use them for my business?

Ultimately, you’re getting extra space at a reduced cost for your business, big or small. Considering how the pandemic has driven up demand by a critical amount, storing and maintaining supplies is difficult. Perhaps you need more inventory management options, more ways to organize, or, an external place to safely store items. Those are just a handful of ways they help.

One of the big advantages to mobile storage pods is transportation. As is the case with Mobile Attic, storage pods can come directly to your place of business as long as it’s within the service area. Additionally, supplies can be taken and transported too, all without needed to hire additional staff or use vehicles to transport items. That saves on time, gas, and money, all of which are in doubt short supply during the COVID-19 troubles.

There’s also the matter of improved security. During problematic times, anyone can resort to theft as an extreme solution to the difficulties they face. However, mobile pods are designed with stainless, weather resistant steel, protecting the interior from harsh conditions and theft. Because mobile pods can be kept onsite or otherwise, that also means important inventory can be brought in on the day it’s needed, while other pods are shielded by fenced off areas or other protected environments.

Finally, mobile pods can reduce stock time by having the necessary inventory on location, versus waiting for new shipments or stock times.

A mobile storage pod can provide a range of uses in times where managing inventory is difficult. So, whether it’s additional space, more security, or just a way to keep extra items on hand, consider them when trying to stock and organize during the COVID-19 crisis.

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