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Mobile Storage for Personal Protection Equipment

by Apr 21, 2020

COVID-19, sadly, isn’t going away anytime soon, straining both personal lives and the medical world. As healthcare professionals work to assist those in need, they put themselves at risk just by exposure. Typically, this is a non-issue, as in medically hazardous environments, there’s protection equipment available, but unfortunately, due to various complications, PPE shortages are common. That’s the same for medical equipment as hospitals and healthcare facilities can be quickly overwhelmed by patients because of coronavirus. Remember, it’s additionally straining, because even as COVID0-19 affects people, there are still other emergencies and healthcare needs.

Portable storage can help during this crisis, and while pods don’t exactly have a vaccine, they can provide temporary infrastructure and extra storage services, especially for PPE equipment. Pods offered by Mobile Attic, for instance, offer a range of benefits anyone can take advantage of. 


If you’re in a service area, equipment can be stored and delivered within a storage pod as needed. You can imagine in times where PPE supplies are limited how this can be beneficial. Less time spent picking up supplies, where said supplies can be delivered to you, saving critical time.


Mobile pods aren’t designed with durable steel for show, they’re safe to intrusions and environmental factors. Considering how valuable medical supplies are (and otherwise) this is a great way to keep them safe, whether it’s on location or off. Mobile pods can even be equipped with external alarms if necessary.


Obviously, one of the best benefits to a mobile storage pod is the amount of extra space granted. Mobile pods can provide a convenient storage unit for medical supplies while unpacking and distribution is organized. Given that foot traffic in a busy hospital/medical environment is a factor, reducing it as much as possible and consolidating space are important. In other words, supplies and extraneous material can be kept in pods as to not clutter hospital environments while professionals assist patients.


Anyone can tell you in a medical environment how essential time is, especially when treating those suffering from coronavirus. Therefore, mobile pods are an ideal helper in this scenario. As mentioned, because mobile pods can be taken and delivered to a location (as long as it’s within a service area) workers don’t need to worry about spending time picking up or dropping off medical supplies.

Mobile pods, essentially, free up time needed to focus on patients in critical condition, affected by COVID-19 or otherwise. 


We’re dealing with a unique scenario regarding COVID-19, but unfortunately, it’s not exactly a “fun learning experience.” People and medical professionals need all the assistance they can get, so that’s why mobile pods provide a creative alternative to storage and organization needs.

If you’re looking to assist your medical practice with the storage of supplies, consider using the various services offered by Mobile Attic. You can contact us today for more information.