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Mobile Storage for Storms: Before and After

by Sep 8, 2020

The southeast is no stranger to storms, often close enough to the coast to deal with the brunt of tropical surges – hurricanes or otherwise. If you’re in the South Carolina area, this is a hassle, a safety hazard, and sometimes a routine part of life. Of course, when hurricanes (or similar) are on the way, instinct is to protect yourself and property.

Did you know the mobile pods are a handy alternative to storage solutions? If you’re sweating damage to property or valuables because you lack a safe place to stow them away, a pod is an ideal alternative solution. 

Choosing mobile pods for storm storage

Mobile pods are designed with multiple sizes and are constructed out of aluminium, steel, and reinforced fiberglass. This means they protect against the elements.

But there’s the other benefit: mobility. Storms are vicious and can wreak havoc on buildings, from storms to homes. Often – and depending on their strength – decimate physical locations. Even places boarded up and with all assurances taken care of are in danger. But again, a mobile pod allows you to move your storage to a different location, outside of red zones where a storm is strongest. While a storm’s range and trajectory can’t always be predicted, getting property out of the “hot area” can prove the difference between losing everything and keeping everything.

Again, the advantage of a mobile pod. As long as you’re within a service area, you can have pods placed in different locations as desired. That can be out of the storm’s range, away from flood zones, locations where damage is likely, or, just another spot to provide additional protection.

Mobile pods for cleanup

After a storm, cleanup is necessary. Winds create and carry debris for miles, depending where it hit. Mobile pods are helpful for this in two ways: one is actually assisting with the cleanup. Since a pod can act as a safe storage unit, debris of different kinds can be stowed away until its ready for dumping somewhere else.

Or, it’s good for organization post storm. With your inventory saved, you can return items without worry of damage, making the process easier and less cluttered. This is helpful especially for stores or businesses who likely need to shift inventory in times of emergency, allowing them to return to business in expedited fashion.

These two factors make mobile pods invaluable in stormy times, with expert crew ready to transition your inventory where you need it. That also leaves you time to prep for stormy conditions, increasing safety and cutting down on travel time.

With safety in mind, you can feel less stressed in an already stressful time. If you’d like to learn more about what pods can do for you, contact Mobile Attic today for additional info.