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Mobile Storage for Summer Activities

by Sep 3, 2020

Summer is almost over, but the days are still hot and humid. For many though, it’s a little different. People are trying to stay healthy and safe while balancing activities. Some turn to camping and other summer activities where social distancing is best practiced.

But whatever you’re trying to do this summer season (or not) you can take advantage of mobile storage pods for summer. Pods are a great way to store things away for the season, or set up for events. We’ll explore a few interesting ways mobile pods can help for summer activities and camping.

Summer storage for equipment and supplies

We’ll start with the obvious, mobile pods are perfect storage solutions. Though often associated with moving and businesses, they’re an ideal alternative for keeping extra inventory safe. In the summer, you may have extra things you want to put away for camping without cluttering up your basement housing space. Or, you may not have the space at all.

For that reason, mobile pods work as an ideal alternative for putting summer items in storage.

Setting up for events

If you’re planning an event or need to move equipment to a location without the use of vehicles or other moving solutions, that’s where mobile pods come in. For example, if you’re setting up a campground and need pods for additional storage, again, they’re a good fit.

Additionally, so long as pods are within the service area, professional teams can take the equipment to and from an approved location. This is also a great for summer-themed events, whatever they may be.

For instance, a business that wants to promote an event can use pods to transport themed items and then safely store them away once the event is finished.

Summer inventory

Speaking of businesses, there’s no doubt demand to rotate and stock certain items during summer. For local and smaller companies, this is challenging if they lack the same level of storage resources. 

But, mobile storage pods provide a great alternative for the reasons we’ve listed. They give extra space in single pods, protect summer inventory in stainless steel containers, and easily transition between locations. This is a good option if you’re also looking for extra security.

Things to know

Before getting a storage pod for summer use, here a few a handy things to know.

  • Pods come in different sizes based on your needs so you can budget accordingly
  • Pods are a good option for any need, whether that’s moving, summer camping, and/or business storage

If you’re looking for an alternative this summer and want to cut down on travel and costs, consider mobile storage pods. You can contact Mobile Attic today for additional information.