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Mobile Storage Pods for Moving: What to Know

by Aug 13, 2021

Mobile Storage Pods for Moving: What to Know


Moving is no doubt a stressful ordeal that we all eventually go through. No matter if you’re a business setting up shop, a person getting into an apartment, or even transitioning to a brand-new location, there are so many factors to consider. Stressful as it is though, it’s entirely manageable.

We have a variety of hints available for good movie, and this time around we’ll talk about the advantages offered when using mobile moving pods.

How mobile pods help your move

How handy would it be to have a garage you could move anywhere? Or a storage container? That’s the general idea with mobile pod units. They come in multiple sizes and are designed to carry supplies to and from selected destinations.

The benefit here is, though, you can store just about anything in a mobile pod. Storage units are durable and designed for transporting anything from boxes to even heavy equipment. So long as it hits reasonable limits, there’s nothing to worry about.

Consider the gas and time you save too. In traditional scenarios, movers need to rent equipment like haul trucks for their property. And even if not, using your own vehicle in those situations is not recommended. Those two factors a mobile pod beats for multiple reasons, such as:

  • You don’t need to drive or operate a cumbersome truck
  • You don’t need to rent a truck with a limited window of usability
  • With no rental fees, you also avoid gas fees associated with truck rentals
  • Using mobile pods means you don’t need to use your own vehicles which lack adequate space
  • Because of space loss, you have to make multiple trips between destinations, costing you time and gas

Consider other barriers like traffic or weather, both of which create barriers for transitions. Lastly, think about the awkward haul you have to make if using your own automobile. Strapping a bed to the car roof or carrying around heavy furniture sound familiar? It’s also dangerous, while potentially harming your property.

You can also rest assured that mobile pods are secure, against weather or theft. Each is made of protective steel and can be fitted with a lock mechanism. So, if your move takes place over several days (or you need it for a certain duration) you can keep supplies stowed within the pod. Also, pods can be moved in protected areas, such as behind gates and/or fencing. 

So as you can see, mobile pods provide a whole range of utility and use versus traditional options. With regular storage, you’re set to one location, often responsible for at least one month of payment, typically can’t get additional storage units, and have smaller space. This also means you would need to make trips back and forth from a unit, potentially with a moving vehicle. As we’ve readily shown, mobile pods circumvent all those hassles.

Sounds interesting? You can learn more by contacting Mobile Attic today and learning about our services.