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Mobile Storage Pods for your Business

by Jul 18, 2023

Mobile Storage Pods for your Business

Depending on the type of business, space is everything. The ergonomics of how clients interact with your location can be the difference between a sale and profit loss. While not all businesses operate in the same categories, space still plays a critical function.

Imagine, for instance, a casual visit to a grocery store. Inventory is segmented (or should be) in different categories so it’s easier to find. And, of course, each item is placed on its respective racks. This isn’t just for show, it’s a way to expedite the sale and purchasing process. The faster a customer can find what they need with minimal frustration, the happier they’ll be, and the quicker they’ll purchase said product.

That philosophy applies to any enterprise selling product(s) in a physical space. But when you run out, things get cluttered. Clutter can lead to safety concerns, reduced overhead, and storage problems. What can business owners do to address these issues without physically expanding the size of their location and mind associated costs?

Mobile storage pods and the dynamic of good space management

Good space management isn’t just for show, it’s good for the business and even worker productivity. In an office environment, for example, a decluttered and clean environment is less distracting and easier to navigate.

If your business handles a lot of stock and inventory, even better. Stocking requires access to spaces with minimal foot traffic, so inventory can be zoned in an efficient, practical fashion. Clutter should be reduced wherever possible. However, while business owners are no doubt familiar with the importance of ergonomics, it’s easier said than done. Rotating stock, holiday inventory, and lack of space are just a few factors causing clutter and messy buildup. So, what can realistically be done?

Utilizing mobile storage pods for space management

When is it time to consider alternate solutions to inventory management? If you’re dealing with excess clutter, inventory, and stock on a routine basis, a change is needed. Extra stock makes receiving new inventory that much harder, and business owners are forced to either sell off, liquidate, or dispose of what they can’t move.

If that happens, you’re dealing with mountains of extra inventory, disabling your ability to manage an efficient space. But, even if excess inventory isn’t a concern, maybe you want to reorganize the layout of your business. Any project involving space adjustments will require extra storage space, however, and that is where problems begin. 

But, you aren’t alone. There are seamless options for business owners that want extra storage, inventory management, and/or additional space. Utilizing mobile pods is a perfect way to manage projects regarding supply storage.

What is a mobile storage pod?

Transportable storage units are essentially spaces that arrive at designated areas. They provide extra space for virtually any need. So long as objects can safely fit within a pod, they can be used for a variety of purposes.

Storage pods are popular choices for business owners because they provide a range of benefits. They grant an accessible extra unit of inventory space that can be easily monitored and secured. This, effectively, addresses the challenges we’ve thus far discussed.

Are you running out of space? You can have a pod (or multiple pods) delivered to your place of business. This allows you to rotate out cluttering inventory, or, just have additional space on hand. Renters also have the option of stowing mobile pods in secure areas, such as fenced/gated zones. Or, they can have their inventory monitored by the vendor – such as Mobile Attic. But regardless of the reason, the end result is the same: more space for improved inventory management. 

It isn’t only for productivity either. Clean, organized environments are attractive to customers. It lets them find their desired inventory faster with increased visual clarity. It may not sound important, but even the smallest thing can turn a sale into a lost cause.

Examples of mobile pod use

Every enterprise operates differently, but a mobile pod is a versatile option fitting numerous scenarios.

  • You’re a grocer or seller that needs more space for stock, inventory, and general storage
  • You want to perform large scale renovation projects and need space for clutter, debris, tools, and/or equipment
  • Business is managing its interior ergonomics with space adjustments and you need a place to stow furniture and clutter
  • You are rotating out old inventory and need a place to put it until it is stored/disposed of
  • You want to secure valuables or high-end inventory off-site or somewhere with security monitoring

Other benefits of mobile storage pods

Of course, any enterprise needs to consider cost effectiveness before using a service. Can mobile pods fit in your budget and timeframe? The short answer: yes.

Mobile pods provide a variety of conveniences not found with traditional storage options. For example, pods are delivered by a vendor’s delivery crews. You choose the location, and within the service area, the pod is transported. That means you don’t have to spend time travelling from one location to the other. With traditional storage options – such as public – they’re in one area with limited access times. Furthermore, traditional storage options are not intended for the needs of larger scale businesses.

Even with business focused storage, rental fees and deposits are common. Some require long-term commitments. In the case of a mobile pod, however, you can rent as many as needed and use the storage units on a case-by-case basis. There’s no travel, so businesses save time, gas, and money. Those small increments add up, aiding a businesses’ bottom line.

If you’re tired of dealing with clutter, extra inventory, and lack of space for projects, it’s time to make a change. Consider mobile storage pods for your next project(s).

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