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Mobile Storage Solutions for Schools

by Aug 11, 2020

How mobile pods and storage can help with school and daycare organization

As some schools across the nation begin to open back up, no doubt there’s an emphasis on safety. While each school and respective district will have its own method of handling things, masks and distancing are still tested methods to help mitigate the spread of Coronavirus. 

Did you know that mobile pods can help? As we discussed with our article about restaurants and mobile storage, we’ll follow similar suggestions here.

How do storage pods help schools?

Storage solutions provide a variety of benefits for education environments, regardless of size.

Extra storage space

In some instances, it’s possible for schools to run out of space for various supplies. These supplies can be anything, from gym equipment to extra seats, desks, and chairs. Therefore, pods can provide a convenient point of access for various needs.

Space organization for distancing

That storage space comes with an extra benefit: organizing rooms and halls for social distancing. During this critical time, schools certainly have to rethink how they manage space in a class.

That’s easier said than done, of course. Desks and chairs take up a good deal of space and when you have to move them around, clutter builds up. By putting them in brief mobile storage, organization becomes vastly easier.

As a result, long-term planning for better room organization is a simplified task. The extra storage can also be used for organizing other areas like the cafeteria, gym, and even theater.

Safe for cleaning equipment/chemicals

Cleaning chemicals and material for science classes need safe storage. Theft of these chemicals is possible. Or, in most cases, exposure should be limited to students. Therefore, mobile pods can make for a secure external unit to keep them in.

Of course, what goes into a pod regarding chemicals varies, as not all chemicals and materials can be stored together. But if you’d like to keep them outside the school interior, it’s a convenient solution.

Storage for sports equipment

Lastly, mobile pods are great for sports equipment owned by the school. Whether the school wants a secure spot for valued inventory or needs more space, mobile pods work for both.

Pods are also made of spacious stainless steel, so they’re resistant to weathering and wear down. That makes them ideal alternatives to the typical sports closest a school traditionally utilizes.

Of course, mobile pods have far more uses for storage and organization, but for a school environment these are the primary benefits.

You can even consider having medical supplies on hand (like masks and gloves) in bulk to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

As always, Mobile Attic is prepared to help its educators with our pod solutions. If you have additional questions about what mobile pods can do for you, contact us today.