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Modern Moving

by Aug 28, 2018

How Modernization Is Changing the Move

Moving is a huge ordeal for most, and it’s something that comes with its own challenges and trials. But it’s far different than the old days. Before the impact of technology, moving was a completely different beast, reliant on traditional maps, planning, and phone calls.

While the pillars of that are still with us today, advances in personal tech has made all of it significantly easier. This goes for everything involved with transportation and moving – not just a family looking for a new house.

From a smartphone, for example, one commands a headquarters of possibilities when conducting transportation. Apps exist which help centralize a lot of tasks associated with a move. If you need a truck or a driver, you’ve got an app like GoShare. Other apps are great for selling and locating property, ideal for those on the prowl for a place to call their own, and that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

In a traditional setting, renting a truck, acquiring move services, and/or finding a new location were their own individual jobs. Setting appointments required calling in and getting schedules, whereas today, a few button presses can get you exactly what you’re looking for.

Beyond that, the transition is made easier with simple programs like Google Maps to guide the way. These provide up-to-date directions for anyone on the go, and can even provide traffic reports to save time. That’s great for a family, even better for a business. Imagine creating new routes for drivers during big shipment times, cutting down on delays. It’s just another way technology finds itself used in the transportation industry.

How far will it go? Considering the speed at which technological developments occur, there’s numerous possibilities. Think, for instance, the impact smart vehicles could have on the moving industry (or moving in general).

Self-driving automobiles have a long way to go before complete implementation. However, imagine calling for delivery trucks or shipping trucks which can reach a location by itself. Imagine calling for storage, without the need of a driver, and having it delivered to your locale of choice. Even self-driving taxis or transportation can help us on a big move, especially for those who might have disabilities.

We’re still a long way from self-driving cars taking hold of the highway. However, as rapid advancements continue, we’re bound to say it will eventually make its way into the transportation industry.

Smartphones, smart-maps, smart-cars, these are only a few things modernizing the move. It’s a far cry from the days of yore where everything was pen and paper. These advancements save us time, energy, and stress, items of incredible value when a move itself is plenty stressful enough.

What lies ahead for transportation and the moving industry? It’s hard to say. But with apps and devices a common aspect of our lives, technology will find a way to grow with it. We’re no longer thinking about the future, we’re living it, and we only have to watch where it takes us.


-Douglas James