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Money-Saving Moving Tips

by Jun 9, 2020

Moving, as we’ve talked about many times here, is expensive. Whether it’s gas, travel, or supplies, the price racks up over a short period of time. Sometimes it’s unavoidable. But, there are things you can do to cut costs, and Mobile Attic has some recommendations to save on every dollar.

Plan an ideal move date

Though it’s challenging, selecting the right date to move can greatly reduce associated moving costs. Whether that’s by avoiding traffic or when renting with moving companies, picking the sweet spot might shave off plenty in terms of expenses.

Get company assistance

If you’ve found a new job in a different state or location, you can actually request for them to pay most – if not all – of your moving expenses. This depends on the job and location, but you can imagine how much it saves when a business foots a bill.

Check for local movers

While you can find moving companies everywhere, local movers are plenty abundant too. Local movers are a great option because they’re typically cheaper, friendlier, and know the area better. Plus, you’ll get a more hands on approach to how you want things moved (no pun intended).

Always get discounts

No matter what, check for discounts on any kind of moving service or supply type, if needed. Even if it’s something as small as ten percent, look for savings anywhere.

Utilize mobile storage pods

Mobile storage are big on cost and time savers. For a monthly fee, users can get an entire storage unit for transporting items of varying sizes at much lower costs. And, when at a location of choice, they can be used for storage for periods of time until needed otherwise. They’re also safe, protecting inventory when taken over long distances from excessive movement and weather.

Get friends and family

Never move heavy objects – like furniture – on your own. It’s always best to get help from anyone. If nothing else, friends or family can always lend a hand. Offer some lunch or compensation if they do. At least this way you cut through any costs related to moving and moving companies.

Hire a moving company during ideal times

Lastly, when in doubt, you can use a moving company if the task is simply too time consuming. Doing so when the time is right (see: slow seasons) will save you a bit of money. You can ask about specials for new customers too or any potential deals said company might have.

We hope our list of tips helps make your next move a more affordable one. If you have additional questions about mobile pods, you can contact us today at Mobile Attic.