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More Temperature Saving Tips for the Winter

by Jan 3, 2020

While winter is a pretty time of year, it’s also a hectic one. If you live in an area with cold snaps and heavy snowfall, you’ve got enough freezing issues to deal with. Unfortunately, another problem with cold is heat, or rather, the need for it. People often see their power bills jump up, and with holiday decorations coaxing an extra amount with light usage, you can feel your wallet burn.

But, Mobile Attic wants you to have warm, winter season, so we’ve got another set of temperature saving tips to keep you cozy and assist with the power bill.

1 – Wear Warm Clothing

Fastest and easiest. Toss on a long pair of pants and a long-sleeved shirt. A light sweater will also do just fine. If your home is chilly and you don’t want to crank the power on, this is the easiest way to stay warm. Long socks work great too and find clothes that are form fitting, so more heat doesn’t escape.

2 – Insulate Windows

Part of maintaining heat efficiency is keeping the warm air inside your living space, so, covering the areas where cold air gets in will help maintain a heated home. Additionally, you don’t want said warm air to escape the house. Find windows, doors, and other areas where cold air leaks in and cover it. Anything from towels or proper heating insulation can help.

3 – Invest in a Space Heater

If you only need a single room or space heated while your home, a space heater is an inexpensive option. Space heaters are small electric devices which are best used for small spaces and can get rooms to a comfortable temperature. Versus heating an entire home, they can be a good way to cut back immensely on power usage. The drawback is that they’re not best for larger homes since they won’t heat everything efficiently.

4 – Set Specific Thermostat Times

Good heat management and power saving doesn’t mean you have to keep the heat off all the time, only enough to cut back on the energy bill. So, a good way to accomplish this is by selecting times of the day to run the heat. For instance, you can keep it off during the night since you’ll be bundled up with blankets and clothing. During the day, only have it on later in the afternoon (when it gets closer to darker hours) and consider keeping it to a set temperature during the day.

5 – Use Sunlight

While you keep the cold air out, let the sunshine in! It’s natural and costs you nothing! Opening up windows to let rays will add heat with no cost to you. Just remember to close your blinds once the sun finally sets.

Sometimes, running the heater can’t be helped, but if you’re looking for ways to maintain a cozy house in even the coldest situations, these tips will assist.