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More Things to Know About Moving During COVID

by Jun 20, 2020

Mobile Attic has touched on some things to know while moving during COVID-19. We’ll keep expanding on that list for those who have some general questions about moving as the problem continues. Or, suggestions you can follow if moving is no longer an option.

Do I have to move?

Consider postponing your move unless you have no other option. In most cases it can’t be avoided as leasing agreements are strict. But, if there’s leniency, take it. Despite quarantine, moving services are still considered essential as well.

What is available?

You’ll need to contact relevant moving services. While most are essential, this is a case by case basis and will not guarantee all moving services are available. Research online about your area, the area you’re moving to, and other providers.

Should I use storage services?

Again, it comes down to research. A coronavirus quarantine may impact whether or not storage services are available (good alternatives if you’re having trouble relocating or need the extra space). 

How much will it cost?

Moving is an expensive endeavor in many cases. Therefore, we strongly recommend saving as much as possible for the endeavor. This is also important if you need to utilize the aforementioned services. In other cases, you may need a place to stay for an extended period. Save whatever’s available for the move just in case.

What’s the moving policy for a storage/moving company?

Before anything, pay attention to the policy in regards to COVID-19. While we’ve mentioned the questions marks on availability, each business will likely have its own rules in place. For instance, even if a moving company still offers its services it may have different rates, different service hours/availability and other potential limits.

Can I cancel my move?

If you’ve already paid for a service but need to cancel, you’ll need to speak with the company. Many require deposits but don’t have binding terms, meaning you can cancel without financial penalty. However, it’s another thing Mobile Attic recommends checking into before using a service.

What if I’m moving by myself?

If you’re capable of making the location transition on your own, then you shouldn’t encounter any serious problems. However, please be aware of potential curfews, limitations, and hours for your new area. For example, do you need to sign something in a leasing office before moving into an apartment? Check and see if they close earlier.

Additionally, it’s highly recommended to bring masks, gloves, and other sanitary items. You’ll need those to keep yourself safe and healthy while you travel.

Hopefully these things give you more ideas of what to be aware of when moving during the COVID-19 crisis. Practice good hygiene and pay attention to changes in schedules.

If you’re having trouble, consider utilizing a mobile pod which addresses all the problems listed above. You can inquire about our services at Mobile Attic by contacting us today.