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Moving and Staying Safe during COVID-19

by Jun 12, 2020

The Coronavirus pandemic has created a long list of challenges for the average person. People are confronted with obstacles, balancing their daily life with staying healthy. As you’ve known, much of this requires keeping a safe distance between people and in some cases extended indoor stays. Until COVID-19 reaches zero new cases, these practices have to be followed to protect yourself and others.

If you have to move, however, this is much harder. While Mobile Attic offers mobile storage options, keeping safe is extremely important. So, if you’re utilizing mobile pods or using traditional moving methods, this article will summarize the different ways you can stay healthy and safe.

Reducing exposure to others

Also called “social distancing,” reducing exposure means limiting contact with people. Whether friends, family, coworkers, or other you encounter when outside, reducing exposure minimizes chances for COVID-19 to spread. There’s a reason for this.

The COVID-19 virus is asymptomatic, meaning carriers do not show symptoms for several days. In some cases, multiple weeks. However, they are still capable of transmitting the virus (yourself included). Even if someone you interact with doesn’t symptoms, they could have COVID-19. Until active and new cases of Coronavirus reach zero, you have to make this conclusion.

Wear masks/other protective items

If you’re running errands or travelling through population dense areas, wear a mask. If you can’t avoid frequent contact with people because of moving obligations, then wearing a mask is the safest way to prevent inhalation of the virus. You should also wear gloves if you have to touch multiple surfaces, which is a frequent happening when moving. 

As a side benefit, you’ll also prevent the COVID-19 virus in the unfortunate scenario you have it.

Stay hydrated and rest often

Even with mobile pods, moving is a physically taxing process. Fatigue and tiredness means your immune system is more susceptible to attack, which makes contracting Coronavirus easier. To help with this, aside from wearing protective items, stay hydrated with water/sports drinks and take breaks as needed.

Have protective supplies in stock

Many things like the masks and gloves mentioned are disposable, meaning they have limited uses. It’s a good idea to keep more in stock in case you’ll need them. Mobile pods and moving often require multiple trips between locations, so keep this in mind.

Contact your service if you feel sick

If you’re feeling fluish or experiencing symptoms similar to COVID-19, it’s extremely important to quarantine yourself. In these instances, contacting your moving services will let them know, allowing them to transport your inventory while limiting contact.

Ultimately, keep up to date with local news regarding COVID-19 area, and the area you plan to relocate/travel too. The World Health Organization also has a list of things to follow to prevent contracting Coronavirus and stifle its spread. We’ve linked it here.

If you’d like additional assistance with moving, consider contacting Mobile Attic today for additional information about mobile pods.