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Moving and Storage Cheat Sheet – Greenville, SC

by Aug 29, 2019

Mobile Attic strives to always provide the best in service and quality. Our goal is to get your inventory/personal belongings from point A to B with as little fuss as possible. If you’re in the Greenville area, you might be considering a storage pod option versus traditional ones. If that’s the case, we welcome the opportunity to work for you! We also have a few tips, things you should expect when utilizing storage pods to best serve you.

1 – Flexibility

Though you might think of storage pods as only for certain kinds of inventory, the truth is, they’re useful for just about any scenario requiring a move. If you’re a store looking to shift seasonal inventory, mobile pods work. If you’re moving from one home to a new one, all your belongings can be transferred in our convenient units. Need to prepare for an event? Again, mobile pods can help you get all that inventory ready to go.

2 – Packing Supplies

While a storage pod is a perfect alternative moving and storage solution, remember you’ll need your own packing material. Consider the type, size, and quantity of objects you’ll store. Remember: if you plan on using a storage pod for move, be sure to strap down and secure your belongings for the trip.

If you need any supplies for your upcoming move, ask our staff about rental supplies, or check out our website for a great selection of supplies you can purchase and have shipped directly to your home.

3 – Humidity

Humidity can shift dramatically over the seasons in South Carolina. It might not sound serious, but during those days of extreme humidity, damage can occur with sensitive objects. Some electronics, for instance, are sensitive to prolonged exposure to humidity. If your material isn’t protected, it can sustain damage. Mobile Attic storage pods are constructed without wood to reduce moisture and humidity inside the storage pods.

Before you load your things into a storage pod you will want to make sure it is safe. With Mobile Attic storage pods, you can know your things are safe.

4 – Size Options

While it’s good to have space, you might not need all of it! If you’re planning a move or transition, make sure your pod of choice gives you adequate room. But, just as well, you don’t want a pod that has too much, as that’s a waste of space. Pod sizes will vary but there are options for everyone, regardless of situation.

5 – Service Area

Make sure you’re in our service. Mobile Attic services the entire state of SC and numerous areas in surrounding states. We can get you and your belongings a lot of places, but we can’t get you everywhere! If you are thinking of going out of state, be sure to discuss your start/end locations with our friendly staff. There’s a good chance we can get you where you’re going, but it is always better to ask so there are no unexpected surprises when you’re prepping for your move.

Mobile Attic’s storage pods provide a host of benefits and utility, but there’s always a few things to know before choosing one for your move. We hope this cheat sheet prepares you accordingly. If you’d like more information, or want to select a mobile storage pod for the Greenville area, you can visit us at Mobile Attic.