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Moving Can be Incredibly Hard but It’s Never Impossible

by Mar 5, 2020

Often when I write for Mobile Attic it’s based on a variety of subjects involving storage and moving. This is a company that prides itself on helping others, whether personal or professional, and the topics reflect that. However, this time I’m taking a different direction.

Moving is tough, there’s no way around it. It requires planning, timing, and packing. It also requires money, and typically a good chunk of that. I myself made a major location transition a few years ago, and I was presented with a pretty difficult hurdle: I had no vehicle and was moving to an apartment two hundred miles south of where I was.

It might shock you, but I wasn’t exactly rich. I had funds to spare, but only enough, and had to be careful every step of the way. So how did I do it? Well, one modern convenience I can sure be grateful for are the modern taxi services, aka platforms like Uber and Lyft. I was also grateful one of my drivers was ready to make the journey. 200 miles is one heck of a distance, and it created a very interesting experience – that is to say, I got to know my driver like a friend since he was helping me with an enormous life transition.

So, how did I have to prepare for this? Well, if you’re in a similar situation, know that it’s difficult but not impossible. For starters, I had to set aside a good chunk of cash. The ride itself was around $200 USD if I remember correctly, for travel. I was happy to pay it, but you can see how having a car helps. Secondly, I had to pack with limitations in mind. In fact, non-essentials were completely left behind. Everything I owned had to be carefully packed in bags and containers to fit inside my driver’s vehicle. It was spacious, sure, but it required making a few sacrifices. I attest this kind of move only works if you’re a solo act like myself.

Once down there it was a matter of physically getting set up and then needing groceries. Once again, a lack of my own vehicle presented new cost problems. I had to get food and such so I relied on drivers to get from the store to my new home. That cost wasn’t so bad, but the numbers added up fast. Oh, did I mention during this whole thing I was pretty sick? The ordeal was exhausting on various levels, but I got through it.

I guess I mention this because no matter who you are, there are ways to get to your new home. It won’t be easy. In fact, the hardest thing is typically the cost involved. For me it hit $2k in a single day, primarily because I had to pay a deposit, rent, travel, and groceries. But I did it, and no matter who you are, you can too.

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-Douglas James