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Moving in Flu Season

by Oct 10, 2019

Flu and colds in colder weather – the unpleasant reality of autumn. As we prepare for chillier days and turning leaves, some find themselves prepping for a big move too. Unfortunately, cold weather doesn’t only make for challenging transitions. Autumn is also commonly associated with colds and flus, a miserable sickness which makes any move downright nightmarish, if not impossible. But, Mobile Attic has a few tips to keep yourself healthy during the autumn season. 

1 – Get Those Vitamins

Vitamin C, D, and others are essential for not only good nutrition but keeping sickness at bay. Vitamin C also stimulates the immune system which will take a beating from various sources of contamination. You can get your vitamins through food and good diet or multivitamin supplements, though we recommend the former. 

2 – Sleep Well

Getting a good night’s sleep sounds like a no brainer, but many forget to get their essential hours in. Good rest will keep your energy up and deal with pesky fatigue, and also let your body fight off infectious germs. Additionally, moves are a physically strenuous process which can weaken your immune system, so quality rest is crucial.

3 – Wash Your Hands

Clean hands keep germs away. Depending on where you go, wash your hands frequently. The cold and flu virus transition through moisture and surfaces, so the more you expose yourself, the more likely you are to get it. Washing your hands – while not full proof on its own – helps reduce this risk dramatically.

4 – Wear Masks

Filter masks aren’t just for show, they’re a great way to prevent the inhalation of particles carrying flu and cold germs. The virus travels through droplets of moisture which, unsurprisingly, arrive from coughing and sneezing. Even if you’re at a distance, it’s easy to expose yourself to germs. Masks – depending on where you go – can prevent this, or help reduce the spread of cold and flu.

5 – Hydration

Even in the cold season you’re going to tax yourself during a move. Keeping hydrated with lots of water prevents immunity fatigue and overall helps you feel better. In the unfortunate circumstance you do get sick, drinking plenty of fluids prevents dehydration brought on from fevers and sweating.

These are a handful of simple steps you can follow to keep yourself going strong even in the chilly season. Make sure you wear proper clothing to keep warm and avoid busy, public areas as often as possible to reduce the risk of getting sick. 

During a move there’s plenty to account for, from moving heavy objects to staying warm. These tips will keep you flu free while you transition to your new home. And of course, you can always rely on Mobile Attic for help if you need additional assistance.

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