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Moving In Summer – How to Prepare

by May 21, 2019



Summer’s getting closer, and with it, hotter weather, unpredictable storms, and increased humidity as well as long days, plenty of sunshine, and hopefully some time off. But, during this season, you might have a move planned, or, you’ve got some inventory to put in storage. With everything, a good plan determines success, so, we’ve got a few tips to help your seasonal transitions a little easier.

1 – Prep for the Sun

First off, don’t count out the sun. Unless you routinely get out in the sunshine on a regular basis, say, longer than an hour every day, there’s a good chance you’ll get sunburned. That’s especially the case if you’re moving during the daytime.

So, take some precautions, otherwise moving is about to get a lot more uncomfortable. If you can’t move later in the day, get some sunscreen, and plan to be outside for no more than an hour. Exposure can sneak up on you, quick. Secondly, stay hydrated. Moving around in hot weather is one thing, but the physical activity adds to this. Keep water and nutrient drinks handy. Take frequent breaks and let yourself cool down.

2 – Mind the Roads

Summer means schools’ out, more people are traveling (especially here in Greenville), and the roads are busier. If you’re not using a mobile pod, be sure to take extra care on the road. Additionally, mind traffic-heavy areas that might be backed up due to vacationers, families, or people taking road trips. This will slow you down and cost a lot of gas in the long run.

3 – Check Rates

If you plan on using a moving service, look at the rates. Some services are higher or lower in price, depending on availability. You’ll find something that fit your needs, but it never hurts to shop around. It’s also important to plan accordingly by at least a few weeks, as service schedules can fill out and you won’t have mover availability at all!

Reserve storage trucks too, if necessary.

4 – Pack Carefully

Just like a person melts under a long summer’s heat, your inventory won’t fare so well either. Keep all electronics properly ventilated and don’t store them in metal pods for long, otherwise, they’ll sustain serious damage. That goes for your other things too. Anything which can be affected by high temperatures should be minded carefully.

5 – Move on Business Days

If you can afford to, moving during the week around work hours is generally the best time to get going. Or, preferably the morning. Most people are at work during this time, so you won’t have any travel hangups. It’s good to avoid moving on holiday weekends. As you can imagine, that’ll make the process a headache.

Summer is often considered one of the best times of the year to move. However, it’s still rife with pitfalls everyone should be aware of. Take care of yourself and your belongings, and never doubt the strength of the sun.


-Douglas James