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Moving in the Cold Season: Staying Healthy

by Feb 22, 2019


When spring and winter start to intercede, there’s a nasty concoction of colds and pollen in the air. This leads to long days spent inside – an unpleasant experience for anyone. But nothing is quite as bad as weathering a storm of pollen or feeling the chills if you have to move. It’s easy to get sick during this time too, as one has to exert themselves more than normal.

To keep you healthy this season, we’ve got a few tips to help you survive spring fever and hopefully make your next move that much easier.

1 – Check Pollen Reports

Pollen gets so bad, even the news comments on it. If you’re allergic or someone with sensitive allergies, make sure you check the local reports to see what level of pollen is in the air. This will prevent a case of the watery eyes, stuffed sinuses, and massive headaches. You also don’t want pollen to get all over your moving boxes, as it will agitate you down the road.

2 – Face Mask

Either for pollen or germs, a face mask can keep infection and debris away from your mouth and nostrils. Colds spread easily during the winter season because people are in closer proximity to each other, and if you’re moving, chances are you’ll encounter someone with the sickness. Use a mask to avoid getting sick – or avoid getting others sick.

3 – Wash Hands Frequently

Invest in some hand wash or anti-bacterial soap. During your move, you’ll be touching a lot of surfaces. This is an easy way to pick up the cold virus you didn’t even know about. All it takes is a wayward cough or sneeze and, before you know it, you feel miserable. Keep your hands clean after moving multiple boxes around, especially if it’s around others – such as storing things for a business. This will also keep pollen off your hands, preventing you from rubbing it in your eyes.

4 – Hydrate

It may be cold, by hydration is essential to staying healthy. Get lots of water, especially if you’re feeling under the weather. Hydration can help your immune system while simultaneously preparing against a cold, should it occur.

5 – Vitamin C

A lot of people don’t get enough Vitamin C in their routine, and this leads to weaker immune system health. In fact, Vitamin C is one of the best ways to strengthen your immunity, either through naturally occurring fruits or vitamin pills. This will keep you going, even when it’s a freezing, miserable day.

6 – Use Mobile Storage

If you have no choice but to work a hazy, pollen filled day, try mobile storage pods to make your job easier. Having to travel long distances against storms of pollen makes things worse, whereas a mobile pod can come to you.

Yes, it’s no fun doing manual labor while sick, so with these six tips, you can better prepare yourself and avoid getting the cold.


-Douglas James