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Moving in the heat with a mobile pod? Try this!

by Jul 16, 2021

Moving in the heat with a mobile pod? Try this!

Moving is a life changing experience, but it poses plenty of challenges. Time is one of them, and depending on when you move can make a big difference. For instance, what if you’re planning a move during the summer? Depending on where you live, it can provide different living options. At the same time, heat and weather conditions pose their own hurdles.

This year, if you’re taking advantage of a mobile pod, we have suggestions to stay both efficient and cool.

Summer and hot weather moving tips

Remember to hydrate

We’ll start with the obvious, but only because it’s always worth repeating. Hydration is important, especially when you’re moving. Though mobile pods can reduce foot traffic and distance between loading/unloading, it’s still an intense physical labor. In the heat, that’s exacerbated. 

So, always have something to hydrate with. Sports drinks and water are ideal, which will replace lost nutrients when sweating. Also, if you’re feeling too hot, take a break and cool down. Heat sickness is no joke. You can recognize dehydration from things like feeling nauseated or doing the “pinch” test, where you pinch your skin. If your skin doesn’t “snap,” you need to hydrate.

Don’t over strain

Because of hot conditions, the key is not to strain. What that means is doing smaller, lighter packing and loads over time, rather than a few days of huge moving. Even if you have help, moving large quantities of objects, light or heavy, takes its toll. 

As always, never move objects that are meant for multiple people. This risks injury to yourself, and is harder to do in hot environments. 

Wear protective gear and sunscreen

If you expect to exposure to the sun while moving (and high chances you will), it’s imperative to have sunscreen and/or protective clothing on. For this reason, it’s not recommended to move during or afterward, where the sun is at the highest and brightest. It’s easy to get sunburned and exposure to light for upwards of 45 minutes raises the risk of sunburn. More so, even with sunscreen it can still happen.

If you have sensitive skin, wear long pants and a hat to protect your face or skin areas most likely to be damaged by long term light exposure.

Take advantage of mobile pods

Remember, mobile storage utility offers you different advantages. You can have the pods arrive at your location of choice to reduce sun exposure. Take advantage of the space and distance by limiting time in the hot sun.

Additionally, pay attention to weather and move when it’s hot and dry, preferably. Humid days can be extra hazardous, as it’s harder to cool down and causes extra perspiration. Which, in turn, is a faster way to get dehydrated.

Remember these key tips if you plan a move during the hot season like summer and you’ll stay cool no matter what.

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