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Moving in with Roommates? A Few Things to Know

by Feb 27, 2020

Roommates provide an interesting living experience, and if you’ve never had them before, the concept can sound intimidating. That’s normal, of course, these are strangers you’ll have to get to know over the course of a year. Sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn’t. How we prepare ourselves and acclimate to the new environment will affect that.

Whether you’re a student or someone looking to cut down on rent, here’s a few things you might encounter when getting roommates, and what to prepare for.


Or, frankly, lack of. Cleanliness is one of the big things you’ll have to adapt to with roomies. Some keep it together, but most don’t. either because of busy schedules or, let’s be blunt – laziness. The thing is, with multiple people in one living space, food and debris builds up quick.

To rectify this, make it clear that you prefer things clean and invite your roomies to clean on a weekly basis. There’s no excuse otherwise.


Noise can vary. Some deal with noise better than others, some don’t. Most are courteous enough not to play loud music or shows for extended periods, but it’s a tossup. If you need a quiet environment, be clear about that. Remember, all you can do is show honest courtesy with roommates. If they don’t return it, that’s where management typically gets involved. 


You might open your door one day to find a stranger in the home. Surprise, it’s a friend of a roomie! This may not happen all the time, but it’s a possibility. If you’re not comfortable with random folks appearing in your house, let your roommate note you’d prefer some advance notice. Remember: it’s your home too. If you pay rent and utility, your comfort is part of the package.


Are you an animal person? This is typically discovered before you move into a new place. If you say “yes,” be prepared for your roommate to have a furry friend. 


Habits might sound a little vague, but that’s because everyone has different ones and we don’t really notice them until they happen a lot. One of the bigger challenges of living new roommates is simply acclimating to their different habits, whatever they might be. Might be how they spend their free time, what shows they watch, what they do on weekends, etc.

So long as these habits aren’t aggressive or dangerous, it’s simply a matter of taking the time to get accustomed to new people. But, by and large, it’s one of the biggest transitions one has when no longer living with family.


Or rather, lack of. Depending on the housing complex or apartment, you might find yourself running out of space faster than you thought. In fact, before moving in with roommates, you may not be able to bring everything you own, depending.

Roommates are a new and interesting experience. It can be a tossup, pleasant or unpleasant, but knowing what’s ahead can make your transition more comfortable.